Any other UK riders? Ever had any problems with the police?

  • I've been riding my OW everywhere in Bristol.. no problems at all. 😎😀🏄

    Do you ride on the pavement or road? Or both?

    I was riding my OneWheel on the road and a lady in her car sounded her horn at me.
    So I went on the pavement so she could pass.

    She said: excuse me, Do you pay road Tax?
    I said: No...

    Feel a little bit guilty for riding in the road, just wondered if any of you lot have had similar experiences. 😕

  • No issues here.. Police have watched me many a times on pavement and roads and just smiled.

    TJO4... There's no such thing as Road Tax anyway in the UK! it's best to remind them of that anyway if they ever shout that.

  • @TJ04 cyclists don't pay any tax either but I bet she would shout that at them, some people are just...
    I've been mainly on the pavement but that's because I don't trust cars and all the great trails near me are far too muddy at this time of year as I found out recently 🤔

  • I've not been out for a few months, but generally I was only on footpaths or pavement. @Zen-Potatoes is correct, there's no such thing as Road Tax. I think it's an emissions tax which is why car owners pay it but not cyclists. It's as @Pogson6 says, certain types of drivers are just angry about sharing the road with anyone else and use the idea of paying road tax as a way to justify it.

  • Personally, I think as long as you follow the simple rule "Don't be a dick!" The police really shouldn't bother you at all in the UK on a onewheel other than to ask what the hell is that?

  • @Zen.Potatoes

    Agreed. "Don't be a dick" is a good philosophy in all aspects of life.

  • @Zen-Potatoes @Pogson6 @AdamDoubleG Thanks for the advice, that's cleared things up allot! 🙂🏄😎👍

  • This post is deleted!

  • @AdamDoubleG correct. No monies from road tax go to maintaining the roads.

  • @AdamDoubleG I've been riding onewheel for 8months in and around Bangor/donaghadee and Belfast Northern Ireland. I regularly ride on the footpath in my local town after the shops close, the route takes me past the police station and I've never had anymore than a smile from the police. If there was a gang of us tearing up the place it might be different, but we all know the onewheel will be somewhat exclusive in the uk because of the cost.

    I too I'm looking to get a onewheel buddy to ride with. It's the only thing that missing

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