Classic Mode Off-roading.

  • I've pretty much been riding in extreme since day one both on and off-road.
    Did some tinkering with elevated off road and it did help climb hills but the rest of the ride felt unnatural with the nose so high up.

    Today I did some off-roading in classic and I really liked it.
    Classic seems to keep the nose up a little bit more while still feeling natural. And the kind of rough off-roading I'm doing doesn't call for 11+mph anyway. Specifically one path I have is pretty rough with a decent incline that I could barely make it up in extreme mode. Today in classic I made it around this path repeatedly.

  • Keep us updated. Maybe classic is better for off road. Anyone have any opinions?

  • I use classic for off road as well, aside from a few trails that are primarily up hill, for these I use elevated. street is always extreme mode

  • No kidding, I may try this and see if it helps more.

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