A bit more clearance between the wheel and the foot pads

  • The current 2-3mm clearance feels slightly too little as pieces of gravel small enough to stick to the tire cannot always make that narrow opening. All too often I hear a nasty sound of such getting pressed through and it probably wears the inner edge of the foot pad quite a bit. Just increasing the clearance to 5mm should allow most gravel that sticks to the tire to pass through without hitting the foot pad's inner edge.

    I feels like a good idea to even add a brush strip to the inner edge of the foot pad. Little gravel would then more softly pass through and could mostly get brushed off the tire.

    Awesome product otherwise. I just demoed it here at the office and the line of people wanting to try it was long \o/

  • This is why my fender works great. you don't need any tools to take the fender off to get at that little pebble

  • It sounds to me like the fender is more about keeping your shoes, jeans and board clean. I'm more worried about the damage to the board caused by pebble.

    But I guess I'll need to order a fender eventually. I wish I had seen that bundle when ordering the board as I would have definitely taken it. Now I'm looking at separate fender + bumper purchases + the separate shipping & import charges :-/

    Any plans for a fender + bumper bundle without the board? :)

  • What I meant was if something does get stuck you have no problem removing it..

  • I understand your concern about damaging the board because of peddles.. It happens to me alot but once I hear it I stop and remove it.. Never damaged anything yet..

  • Ok, good to hear that nothing seems to get broken by it.
    It's not that it would have locked up the wheel yet, it just makes a nasty sound.

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