First ride

  • This is my daughters first ride. She spent about 20 minutes on it indoors just rolling back and forth and stopping to balance. She has had the advantage of riding a Solowheel quite proficiently prior to this. You can well imagine how much fun we will have cruising together.


  • Doing great!!! I love the bright shoes on the board too!

  • I just received my OW this afternoon.
    After a charge I took it down town and rode along the river on the multi-use sidewalk.
    There were several things that really surprised me on this first trip.
    I rode about 5-6 miles and still had 35% battery life left. This was with the lights off. But I was going very fast.
    When people ask how fast it is, I will now say "FAST ENOUGH".
    A person must respect the OW!
    Also I noticed that the pitch doesnt really influence the speed, it is more of body position. Moving the shoulders to direct the board.
    At high speeds there tends to be a wobble from side to side.

  • Congrats. In a few days, your OW will feel like an extension of you and respond intuitively to what seems like your thoughts. If you are rolling on asphalt or hard smooth sufaces, my experience was that switching to Extreme made it easier.

  • I was able to fix the wobble by mastering my foot positioning

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