I ain't got no app. Light please ;)

  • How about turning the lights on and off over the sensor pad like the mode changing over the pad. They could use the second sensor on the pad to turn the lights on and off. I know not much people care about the ones not having the app but anyway. It's just a minor issue and I think it would be great to fully controll your board anytime. You already can up to 90% without any app: Mode changing over pad, Batterylevel over LED rythm, but the lights you just have to use the app.

    Like I said just a very minor semi issue. I just wanted to see if I'm the only one having that thought.

    Love the OW! Would even ride it my eyes closed so who needs lights lol (just kidding).
    I'm out!

  • Or how about releasing the Android app that was advertised on the front of the box when I bought my Onewheel many many months ago....

  • Yeah man, how about it. Come on FM.

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