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  • @MichaelW you've got a point,

  • There's that and the fact that they are so expensive. The rental companies would have to invest is GSM GPS devices so they could track them. It'd be nice though if they could at least rent to people that have them already as like a connected network of trust. Lol. I know I am dreaming here, but let me dream in peace please.

  • @hustle Naw, they'd just do the same as any other rental place (cars cost more than Onewheels, and you can rent those). They'd get your credit card number first, and if you steal it, you buy it.

  • Segway tour companies don't allow you to just go out on your own, but they give a little crash course with some practice, and then take people out in a group. in France does something similar, but it looks like they also rent out OneWheels; they probably require some kind of skill test so they're not just sending noobs out to their doom. One think that I really like is that they'll bring OWs to your home or to a trail of your choosing to have a group ride with friends... Just imagine having ten OWs show up for a group ride!

  • @westcoastr Could be an investment opportunity for a business. Buy 10, start a company, do that yourself.

  • @hustle It's such a niche market; I wonder how it would fare...

  • @westcoastr Well, here in Iowa, awful. I just want to get the hype up so I have people to ride with.

  • @hustle I know! It's getting a little lonely in Vancouver... I'm just about to meet up with a OW friend in Banff and am so excited to ride with somebody! I'm kind of envious of all those riding tribes in S Cali and Utah.

  • Yeah I thought about the rental thing, but reality is you need a good hour or 2 unless you have really well developed ankles and calves. And your feet will burn after riding. And it will need a charge pretty soon so it can't rent for multiple hours.... I mean yes and no...

  • @westcoastr same im in Seattle and i keep hoping to find people that ride!

  • @westcoastr Interesting. Interesting this entire discussion. I agree about the liability as well as about the price. But I also strongly believe that this OW thing has strong potential beyond "board-" lovers/experts. There's reason to argue that it's a low threshold device to get people to learn balancing--easier than a regular balance board, and fun from the get go. Assuming some guidance in the beginning and that you don't throw yourself outdoor as a kamikaze.. And working on our balance skill has benefits way beyond just being crazy fun...

  • If someone had the land and money to do it you could set up almost like a dirt bike/go kart track and could have dirt or pavement tracks or both. You could have like 20-30 OW's on hand to rent out and you could charge people an entry fee that already have their own OW to come and ride on the track. I think that would be the only way it could work. Sending people out into the public on a board with no experience could get you into trouble. at least if you had a private facility everything could be controlled.

  • I think a beach would be the best and safest option. People rent Jetski's and all sorts of vehicles that are much more dangerous than the onewheel, and what's the worst that could happen to you on a beach , you fall off and land on the sand, big deal. you could make it a minimum hour rental , with a 10 minutes training session (for newbies )

    I would say you would need to keep the cost down to really get enough interest...maybe like $40/hr , $60 for 2hr max

    so let's do some math:

    let's say you rent out a single OW for $40/hr , and figuring in for turn in and next rental times , let's say you average 5 rentals per day @ $40/hr (figuring on the low end just for arguements sake)

    • so $40/hr x 5 = $200 / day / OW

    now lets assume you have just 6 OW's and each rents out at that rate (5 rentals per day @ $40/hr avg) - now you're making $1200/day

    you pay two people to work the stand all day @ $100/day = $200 and maybe a rental fee to the beach? let's say $200/day for stand or beach rental fee . with that you're at a daily cost of $400 and $800 profit

    if you're in a vacation area lets say you can make this rate a good 4 days per week and then maybe 1/2 this the other 3 days that's $800 x 4 = $3200 + 3x400 = $1200 . $3200 + $1200 = $4400

    $4400 profit per week x 4 = 12000 profit per month , not bad!

    of course my assumptions could be way off :)

  • @MichaelW I don't think it's that far fetched, they could be forced to have a mandatory 30 minutes training and supervision, which they'd have to pay for, and would sign a waiver, and be required to have plenty of protective gear. People would get hurt sometimes, but it happens with cars and bicycles or whatever as well.

    I was able to rent a Boosted Board for 8 hours for $60, that was the only option, I didn't have to prove any skateboard skills, but I did get a 2 minute lesson. I rode it until the battery was done and then charged it up three times and then took it back. I rode about 20 miles, much of it on sidewalks. That was before I had a Onewheel and my legs and body and organs ached for days.

    I didn't get the feeling they had a huge demand for Boosted Board rentals, which kind of surprised me, but then I myself was only testing it to decide if I wanted to buy, and wouldn't be renting again.

    They only had medium helmets, I have a large head and thought it might be worse to have a helmet smaller than my head, so I said no, and I was allowed to leave with no helmet. I decided to go back for the helmet after a couple of blocks.

    If I didn't get the board back by closing time, I'd agreed in writing that I'd have to buy it at full price.

  • I'm liking these ideas! I was picturing people renting them and riding off to their doom, but I can see it as more of a group event, where an instructor gives a few lessons first, then everyone puts on pads and a helmet, signs a waiver, and the instructor takes them off on a three mile tour. A three mile tour.

  • @thegreck If the weather started getting rough... trouble. I like that group ride concept. Kind of like the Segway tour again, but less geeky.

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