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  • I think a beach would be the best and safest option. People rent Jetski's and all sorts of vehicles that are much more dangerous than the onewheel, and what's the worst that could happen to you on a beach , you fall off and land on the sand, big deal. you could make it a minimum hour rental , with a 10 minutes training session (for newbies )

    I would say you would need to keep the cost down to really get enough interest...maybe like $40/hr , $60 for 2hr max

    so let's do some math:

    let's say you rent out a single OW for $40/hr , and figuring in for turn in and next rental times , let's say you average 5 rentals per day @ $40/hr (figuring on the low end just for arguements sake)

    • so $40/hr x 5 = $200 / day / OW

    now lets assume you have just 6 OW's and each rents out at that rate (5 rentals per day @ $40/hr avg) - now you're making $1200/day

    you pay two people to work the stand all day @ $100/day = $200 and maybe a rental fee to the beach? let's say $200/day for stand or beach rental fee . with that you're at a daily cost of $400 and $800 profit

    if you're in a vacation area lets say you can make this rate a good 4 days per week and then maybe 1/2 this the other 3 days that's $800 x 4 = $3200 + 3x400 = $1200 . $3200 + $1200 = $4400

    $4400 profit per week x 4 = 12000 profit per month , not bad!

    of course my assumptions could be way off :)

  • @MichaelW I don't think it's that far fetched, they could be forced to have a mandatory 30 minutes training and supervision, which they'd have to pay for, and would sign a waiver, and be required to have plenty of protective gear. People would get hurt sometimes, but it happens with cars and bicycles or whatever as well.

    I was able to rent a Boosted Board for 8 hours for $60, that was the only option, I didn't have to prove any skateboard skills, but I did get a 2 minute lesson. I rode it until the battery was done and then charged it up three times and then took it back. I rode about 20 miles, much of it on sidewalks. That was before I had a Onewheel and my legs and body and organs ached for days.

    I didn't get the feeling they had a huge demand for Boosted Board rentals, which kind of surprised me, but then I myself was only testing it to decide if I wanted to buy, and wouldn't be renting again.

    They only had medium helmets, I have a large head and thought it might be worse to have a helmet smaller than my head, so I said no, and I was allowed to leave with no helmet. I decided to go back for the helmet after a couple of blocks.

    If I didn't get the board back by closing time, I'd agreed in writing that I'd have to buy it at full price.

  • I'm liking these ideas! I was picturing people renting them and riding off to their doom, but I can see it as more of a group event, where an instructor gives a few lessons first, then everyone puts on pads and a helmet, signs a waiver, and the instructor takes them off on a three mile tour. A three mile tour.

  • @thegreck If the weather started getting rough... trouble. I like that group ride concept. Kind of like the Segway tour again, but less geeky.

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