concave footpads

  • I cut the stomp pads into wedges and it didn't work out well. Sensor was acting funny so I pulled them off. Still curious to hear how those milled footpads work out.

  • Ashewheeler is definitely a punk but this is cool stuff. Waiting to see how it turns out.

  • @C0re can call me a punk everybody he is my punk a$$ older brother!

  • @ashewheeler any progress? I'm doing the same (although process is delayed cause i had to have an operation) but my design's a bit different..

  • I apologize for not posting something earlier but have been laid out with chronic lower back injury not onewheel related. Here is a clip of the shopbot zipping out the first prototype.
    So I decided to just mount the rear pad and try it in both front and back feet to get a feel before committing to sensor swap. Also haven't put down any grip tape yet either as I anticipate a few generations before finding perfection! I was immediately impressed mounting the board as it felt easy to position back foot on the rear concave during initial startup and leveling. From there I continued to be impressed with heel toe connectivity, responsiveness, and leverage. Also funnels the foot into position almost indexing my duck foot stance instantly. I can't really get out and push it right now with my back injury so can't get a real sense of performance. My wife loves it and wants her board switched over. Her feet are small and I wear 9.5. Bottom line its worth investigating further. Downside is large footed riders are not going to feel as comfortable. I think this is why FM elected flat to create a onewheel size fits all if you wheel? Haha anyways I've been working on modifying the concave to lend to a larger foot and also came up with a deck widening idea as well. It involves cnc milled elliptical rail add-ons that add 2 inches of board-width closest to the wheel. As always fire back any ideas.
    5_1457031990809_elipticaldeckmodF.jpg 4_1457031990808_elipticaldeckmodE.jpg 3_1457031990808_elipticaldeckmodD.jpg 2_1457031990808_elipticaldeckmodC.jpg 1_1457031990807_elipticaldeckmodB.jpg 0_1457031990806_elipticaldeckmodA.jpg

  • Here is picture of current mock up.

  • @ashewheeler wow nice ! can you do me a favour and upload a picture with the profile of the milled footpad ? so i can see the level of gradient you used. also, how thick is the footpad on the side ? more or less 1.5 cm ? then i'll give you some more input 😉

  • @ashewheeler Cool man! And sorry to hear about your back, that sucks!!

  • @thegreck thanks man! The new idea is basically because you mentioned your toes hanging off. Wanted to make a place for you to rest them and use them as gas pedals when needed! I also made the concave 1/8" more shallow so 3/16" instead of 5/16". I'm going to make the parts tonight or tomorrow morning and hopefully have something together over the weekend. If only I could 3D print a new L5 vertebrae and some sick artificial disks! I have spondylolisthesis and trying to kick spinal fusion down the road as far as possible but have periodic flare ups that put me out of commission. Onewheel makes my back feel better just for the record!

  • @chabis here are some more photos of the footpad.0_1457048865929_IMG_20160303_184729_01.jpeg 0_1457048884025_IMG_20160303_184728_04.jpeg 0_1457048894617_IMG_20160303_184728_01.jpeg 0_1457048905269_IMG_20160303_184728_03.jpeg 0_1457048910661_IMG_20160303_184728_02.jpeg

  • The stock pad is 8mm thick. I started with say 16mm and machined back to 8mm in the flat. The arc or cove starts about 44.5mm from the edge but goes back to flat for 5mm at edge.

  • @ashewheeler Well hey, thanks for thinking of me! Maybe someday I'll get to try it! (Or maybe v2 of the OW will have concave footpads and I'll get one myself and give my current board to my wife)

  • @ashewheeler nice job on the milled concave footpads. they indeed look very nice ! when starting off with my own design of such i was not quite sure if i would go for a border (like you did) at all. but now i am convinced that it's best when considering stability and sturdiness of the milled pads. i will most likely also go for a small border of at least 5 mm, so the wood won't splinter when having a crash on pavement.

    however, i intend to make the footpads a little bit higher than you did. approximately 16 mm to 20 mm. that way, the elevation on the side of the pad will ad to the ease of making turns since the foot is once again a bit higher above the centre of the wheel (hope you can follow).

    considering the arc, i do think it could be smoother or "longer" for that matter. i was already looking at various different types of concave footpads like this:


    right now you are going for a flat cave, correct? i think a parabolic would be more natural as the foot (with a flat sole) would fit quite comfortably onto the deck. but what i am aiming for as of now is a W shaped pad. it's a bit more difficult to mill i guess and the plans (via CNC) could be trickier. but it seems to me as if the W shape would add even more to agility and responsiveness. at least that's what i know from long- and skateboarding for a while. what do you think? also, when adding the sensor on top of the concave deck, i'm pretty sure it will be way more difficult to accidentally "lose" touch resulting in a nose dive (which seems to be the case for a few riders registered to this forum but only happened to me once, so far :-)).

    any thoughts, suggestions?


    nice work on the pictures and pads so far! they look amazing. would definitely like to try them myself. but it seems as if i would have to wait some more time to get the prototype. do you have your CNC plans available and care to share?

  • The talent and creativity level of the collective Onewheel community never ceases to amaze me.

  • @chabis Thanks for all the great feedback man! Your input and suggestions are spot on. The reason I created flat cave was definitely the sensor. I felt like keeping it as flat as possible while creating some slight heel toe ramp would be a good starting point. I'm definitely interested in parabolic and W. Im also still learning and limited in my 3D modeling ability but want to explore these shapes. The flat cave was fairly easy to draw in sketchup/trimbal. I have pro version so am able to export .dxf files to my partworks program. I'm happy to share either files. Also happy to work with you on your custom prototype and send it your way. I have no idea how much shipping is an issue from N.C. to Switzerland. What did you think of the second design with the elliptical side cut/body kit and increased footpad width? I'm really excited about seeing it underfoot. Hopefully have something together by end of the week. Look forward to seeing where this goes @chabis!

  • Would be cool if @njcustom would carbon fiber the body kit add ons. I could shape them out of EPS foam and send a set to him to bring to life! I think they will look pimp in wood also with many different species/finishes available. Also thought about rhyno liner over EPS. If the body kit ends up working I think it is also a great way to protect a new board from ever being scratched.

  • @ashewheeler said:

    Would be cool if @njcustom would carbon fiber the body kit add ons. I could shape them out of EPS foam and send a set to him to bring to life! I think they will look pimp in wood also with many different species/finishes available. Also thought about rhyno liner over EPS. If the body kit ends up working I think it is also a great way to protect a new board from ever being scratched.

    WOW looks like we almost have a complete body kit for the OW now. It will be Interesting to see where this goes.

  • @ashewheeler you are very welcome! happy to bring in my ideas, combine them with yours and create something new!! my brother used to be a carpenter. he's quite some experience with CNC milling. left his old job though and is now a design engineer. so i asked him to have a look at the pictures of your prototype and the 3D model you made and uploaded to this forum. you're using a CNC to mill the pads right? he offered me to draw exact plans and export the file(s) you need so you can mill them using your CNC. you'd just have to tell me what file format(s) you need. and you would have to send me the measurements marked with the letters A, B, C, D and the radius R marked on the sketch below. of course i can try and get them on my own by measuring with a tape, but since you already made a prototype you probably know all the measurements (in mm or inches.. preferably in mm) already. am i right? you in?

    0_1457377928869_Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-07 um 20.11.44.png

    he'd do a version of a W shaped concave deck. we'll figure out the shipping stuff once the plans are drawn and sent to you :-) but i don't think they are too high. @njcustom sends his fenders internationally and we (non us citizens) only have to pay 10 bucks extra.

    regarding the second design: i really do think it is worth exploring. and seeing that njcustom already liked your post i assume he would be interested in a possible collaboration should you, me or the both of us decide to work on this project. i also think it is not too hard to realise once we have come up with a more or less final version of a concave footpad. because looking at your models and considering the plans that could be drawn, it would just be a matter of adjusting. i reckon you would have to mill additional holes for additional screws that hold together the rails you propose. the only thing i do think could be a challenge are the holes for the charger and the power button.. what do you think?
    what i also noticed though that this way, the footpad would only be significantly wider towards the wheel.. correct? that may not be enough since most of us do stand in duck stance on the deck. however, i might change my opinion if i have a prototype of a concave deck (i got rather big feet) or see a photograph with a "big" foot placed on it. may the concave deck's already enough? nice to see the willingness to collaborate!

  • @chabis sorry for radio silence. Shit has been crazy here. Got those measurements for you. A=228.5mm or 9", B=241mm or 9.5", R=19mm or 3/4". Don't worry about allen screw holes yet. I will punch those out by hand after the CNC mills the concave. I'm gonna be working on my deck today. Hopefully have some photos by end of the day. Happy wheeling bro!

  • Wow - cool the R&D. One thing I would really like is rounded corders like a skateboard. I know this really cannot be accomplished until OneWheel changes the design in V2 or what not. When I do sharp 180's I typically dig the front corner of the board into the ground. In the long run seems kind of silly to have these square corners. Just my thoughts.

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