concave footpads

  • Very tempted.

  • Hey OW Bros and Sistas sorry again for the long radio silence. Life and work have sidelined this project except for weekends which have also been full. My schedule is opening up though and I'm very excited about making this my priority. I've been experimenting with materials and production techniques to try and really dial in this idea and make it sensible to manufacture and distribute. There are a few challenges to ramping up production and getting it out to the people. The first is getting the model just right in terms of design and function. The second is making the deck interface to the two different camps of fender users (factory/njcustom). Making it easily swappable (DYI sensor swap/grip tape). Making sure I'm not taking on any liability of injury to user. Making sure that FM doesn't mind us making aftermarket parts for their brainchild the Onewheel.
    The design is what I've been working hardest on drawing and redrawing and learning how the partworks software for the shopbot CNC machine interprets and executes those drawings. That whole process has led me to try and streamline the toolpaths and milling time on the CNC machine which is the most expensive part. This is the current model right now and I'm in the middle of producing 16 units to study time and costs. The first version was composed of 6 separate pieces all glued together and now it's 3 pieces with options to glue together or remain modular and attach siderails with rare earth magnets to facilitate replacement of individual parts rather than whole deck. All of that may prove to be to complicated so I don't want to make any promises. The first 16 will more than likely be glued together and finished with a combination of lacquer and ryno liner. My hope with the ryno liner is to achieve a level of durability that makes the investment in the deck well worth it. There is no doubt in my mind that the ride quality is hugely improved with the wider concave deck. I'm just trying to find the best way to bring it to market. At least one of those decks will be sent to Tyler at FM to try out and I would love to develop a relationship with the company where we combined forces to install sensor and griptape with logo and offered the wider concave deck/bodykit as a accessory for sale on the website or through retailers. I haven't had one single sensor failure or nosedive since swapping my personal deck and feel 100% confident that the mod is safe but definitely want to protect the user and myself from any liability issues so I am also seeking some legal advice with regards to releasing and selling to the public. All to say again I apologize for letting this thread get quite and I assure you that my excitement and determination to get these decks underfoot has not diminished. Here are some jpegs of the current model to check out. I've increased the depth of concave to 3/8" and widened the length of arc to 2". Also widened the deck by an extra 1/2" which makes it 2.5" wider than factory in the middle. To make the siderails more friendly to grab with hand I added some convex shape. Hope uall like and as always fire away with any questions or suggestions.0_1463939081752_2deckmod1.jpg 0_1463939090323_2gendeckmod2.jpg 0_1463939096489_2gendeckmod3.jpg 0_1463939103145_2gendeckmod4.jpg

  • Very NICE :) maybe add holes for the power switch and charge plug? :P

  • @Tartopom so far I have been drilling charging/power button holes after cnc shaping with a jig I made. It would definitely be better to include in the shaping program but I just haven't tried it yet.

  • Wow, you might of designed OneWheel-s model. Not quite OneWheel 2.0 but like the iPhone S upgrade. Stunning if you can pull it off and if it handles like you have described, this will be a extremely popular item.

  • @ashewheeler can't wait to see the finished product :)

  • Great idea

  • any news in that topic?
    i would like to see some photos;-)

  • You could put handles in the siderail too!

  • @turfsurfer in the works

  • @ashewheeler

    I'd love to make the deck wider so my feet wouldn't extend off the board at all! I'm sure it would enhance control for me.

    Ideally the whole thing would be ergonomically unique to height, weight, foot size, and personal preference. It will cool when mass production can accomodate these variables.

    I like the idea of a concave deck but I don't understand how a flat deck with curved up edges would be good. Are your feet intended to stay in the shallow flat part? I would think that what chabis calls parabolic would be more universally useful for different size feet. I have to wonder if it would stress out or tire the foot more than if it were completely flat.

    I understand the desire to pimp it out, but having done this with motorcycles that have come and gone, I'm over it. I'm not going to spend any extra time or money polishing my Onewheel. Not that there's anything wrong with that, if it gives someone pleasure. I'm just going to ride the hell out of it knowing it will get beat up. Same if I ever get another motorcycle, I will respect it, but ultimately it's a disposable item that will get used hard and used up. I love pretty wood even more than the next guy, but I'm not going to put it on my Onewheel.

    I love your ideas, but they appeal to me for enhancing comfort, handling or safety.

    You should apply for a job at FM.

  • @dalisdair man I couldn't agree with you more. Pimping the wheel was never my intention. This mod is all about function. Where before I was allways gripping the edge of the board with my toes and heals during extreme roll now the widened deck cradles my toes or heals allowing me to relax more and have much greater stability when deeply carving the onewheel. The biggest obstacle to making this sensible is the 100% chance that this aftermarket deck will see a whole lot of abuse and quickly loose it's pimpyness. Of course this is the case for the onewheel already as you pointed out so maybe people would appreciate the ride improvement enough to spend the likely $200+ that it would cost me to realistically produce these. I'm still testing prototypes to get it totally dialed before I attempt to sell and don't have expectations to make any money but just want to see the sport and equipment evolve!

  • @dalisdair with regards to the flatcave vs. Parabolic and so on. The flatcave is definitely the most conducive to the sensor swap and allowing the sensor to function properly. I'm not ruling out the other shapes but the flatcave works great with the sensor and cradles the toes and heals in a way that is oh so nice! For me it is a vast improvement over stock. I will never go back to the flat rectangle!

  • @ashewheeler Go on, rub it in!

  • @thegreck sorry that was a little bit mean! The only reason I would go back to rectangle is to be able to use your clever side handle!

  • @ashewheeler

    I think your stuff is great, when I mentioning pimping I thought you were suggesting exotic woods. I may have misunderstood. I love cocobolo, but wouldn't pay to put it on my Onewheel, Somebody else might, even if it did get ripped up a bit.

  • I really need a new footpad with more sensitive larger blue print where can i buy this ? I

  • @charge360 what size shoe do you wear? Will you spend $200 for diy kit or $300 for sensor and grip tape ready to plug and play. If so I can probably get you one in the coming weeks. Foot size gives me an idea of which concave pattern to use. This would be just natural baltic birch plywood and yellow pine or fir for rails with tongue oil finish very easy to touch up and can be dyed stained or painted as well as commercially rhino lined for an extra $50 or so haven't totally locked that cost in. Anyways let me know if you want one and your foot size and I'll get it started and you can paypal me when it's ready to ship. Cheers

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