concave footpads

  • @Mighty-Whitey I second that. I'd like to turn my OG into a fat beach cruiser and the + will be my "Ferrari" 😅 Are you still making these and what are we talking for pricing?

  • @Christofire working like crazy on infrastructure needed to get these to market. At a temporary stand still hoping to source the larger sensor from FM so that both OG OW and + can benefit from wider concave ergonomics. Willing to work with anyone in the meantime who wants to send me old functioning sensors or who is willing to pay to have sensor extracted from new pads. Direct message if interested.

  • @ashewheeler Thanks for your great idea and work. For me it would be fine if I could buy from you the concave deck you have developed with the griptape and a little manual how to exchange the old decks. And how to re-use the old sensor of the old decks. I will order such a set as soon as you would be willing to sell this. Maybe if other riders agree with this you are ready to sell as is and then take your time to further develop v2 with included sensor... Or v+.

  • if i use 2 sticks and 2 spacers on the sensor and push the sensor it works....maybe this idea can work instead of resourcing a new sensor and programming etc....i dn't think they will help hack there existing old product to make it like there new version?!;)...0_1486778872519_1435786007142-pad-map.jpg

  • You can make a ramp insert and place the sensor on top...the angle of the ramp keeps your feet more in place solving all the shifting of the sensor with your feet..sensor complaints...resulting in a "SURE STANCE" feeling

    check my frankenpad post for the finished version and instructions

  • @timvdp love this. How does it ride? I'm working on something similar in conjunction with my widebody + heal/toe Concave kit.

  • @ashewheeler said in concave footpads:

    @timvdp love this. How does it ride? I'm working on something similar in conjunction with my widebody + heal/toe Concave kit.

    I didn't go outside yet, but did some 180s and fooling around also has new grip tape so also more secure ...but I have some experience in boarding...and realy think that this gives a more secure ride...just because of the tip up design... you are not as likely to shift forwards on the board with bumpy rides like the same size sensor functions better now...same reason why elevated is nicer to ride......
    just make a test ramp and insert it under the sensor..about an inch or so...with the original griptape inplace :):)...pretty easy way to test and experience the V2 design before they finaly ship!;);)

  • and maybe keep the screws outward like this as a footstop(but I guerantee is..just like on a skateboard you are not likely to go up on the tips now with your feet because of the ramp/angle :):)..and you still have the factory heel toe sensor functions

  • 0_1487084303800_Sketch142154135.jpg
    for sharing!:)

  • Custom FSR for widebody kit

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