Onewheel Etiquette

  • Hi everyone,
    We're going into new territory with the OW, and I wonder what the etiquette rules are. For example, I try to go really slow around pedestrians on the sidewalks in Seattle. I don't want to make anyone feel intimidated. We recently saw someone zipping through crowds, and we thought it was kind of rude. I don't want people making a bad name for OW riders.

    So what do you think are the rules? What's a considerate way to ride? Should we be on the sidewalks or in the bike lane? What's rude OW etiquette? Discuss...

  • @paulettejanep I do slow down to pass people when I'm riding on a regular sidewalk or at a park where there are kids and elderly people walking on the paths (or especially people walking big dogs) so I don't scare them, but when I ride where bicycles are also riding, I feel that zipping around pedestrians at top speed is expected, and also awesome.

  • Couple of things I try to be mindful of

    • bike lanes - if there is a bike lane, I wont ride on the sidewalk...depending on your comfort level you are going to go similar speeds to cyclists if they are commuting

    • sidewalks - if I ride on the sidewalk, I go a little faster than walking pace around pedestrians and try not to come up behind them and ask them to move...

    • indoors - I tend to avoid riding indoors...just more ways to go wrong. General rule in my mind is if someone wouldnt be riding a bike, I'm not riding a OW. Know a bunch of folks may disagree with this because OW takes up less space and is easier to maneuver.

    • trials/demos - on the street, I dont think people expect to try it out because it's clear I'm commuting, but if I'm messing around on the beach, park, worth having your own protocol for how you let people try out the OW. I insist on helmets and tend to walk next to people and hold them until I feel like they have it.

    • puddles, leaves, sand, mounds of dirt, etc - I think you are obligated to go through or over these things when you see them. In fact, I'd love the app to keep track of points for this stuff - maybe a future update. Also dont do this without a fender.

  • Great topic.

    In situations where people would be nervous of you, I'd say to make it clear that you are in control by slowing down and maneuvering as needed. Don't ride in a crowded spaces because it's not worth it and you could hurt someone.

    Really good riders can probably get away with more, but as a general rule you should not scare pedestrians or put them at risk.

  • Don't scare people if you can help it. Older people really are extra sensitive. This old guy yelled at me because he was riding his bike and I was heading towards him. He went right then I went right he went left and I went left and so on... He said "fuck you kid" so I chased him and beat his ass... Just kidding... I actually saw him a few hours later and apologized... He was surprised and just said he didn't mean to use such foul language but that I had really pissed him off... Cute little guy... Anyway just be respectful... Thats my motto... And take extra care with the seniors because someday soon you'll be one... lol... By the way I'm nearly 50 but this guy was so old in his mind I was still a kid. Love that!

  • I think @shaunabe sums up what I would say.

    Only other problem are dogs...
    On small trails in woods etc. when people are walking in the same direction I'm heading they only notice me when I'm already close to them, so I have to slow down almost to a stop as I don't want to scare the dog and wait till they move aside.
    On the other hand, when they are walking towards me and see me coming they tend to stop already 1 mile ahead and wait on the side of the trail...

    Long story short, I don't like dogs when I'm on cruising on my OW!

  • @MichealW lol

  • @MichaelW lol! Maybe in the future you'll find yourself in your robe yelling at kids for riding REAL hoverboards over your lawn!

  • @Polle I agree with that dogs chase ow's and caused me to wreck cpl times now I carry either dog spray or extra potent pepper spray. If people would keep there dogs on leases while on public use trails this would not be a issue.

  • @tony420121 @Polle agree RE: dogs.

    Also if you OW while walking your dog, mastering the retractable leash or just avoiding it, is good. Avoids surprising interactions with the leash + obstacles which lead to :collision:

  • @tony420121 said:

    @Polle I agree with that dogs chase ow's and caused me to wreck cpl times now I carry either dog spray or extra potent pepper spray.

    Good tip. I'm going to start commuting to work soon, and there are quite a few stray dogs in my neighborhood. So I just ordered some spray made to humanely temporarily blind those f*ckers.

  • @shaunabe I was hoping to be able to walk my dog with my Onewheel; should I avoid leashes altogether and stick to offleash trails? Or is it manageable?

  • @shadowfx The answer to that probably depends on your dog. If he's the kind that likes to run like a maniac and you have an off-leash place that you can ride, OneWheel would be perfect.

  • I have been bit by dogs off leash 3 times. I now carry pepper spray and a dog horn whenever I ride on my local trail. I have had to pepper spray dogs 2 times since I started carrying it. Dogs that chase skateboards will chase Onewheels. Carry the pepper spray in your hand armed and ready to fire. Dogs that chase and bite go after you as soon as they see you. All three bites were from herding type breeds like Collies. One dog owner actually told me that his dog was "just trying to herd me." That dog bit me 2 times and drew blood. Now I spray first and ask questions later. If your walking your dog off leash and it chases in an aggressive manner, you shouldn't have it off leash!

  • @rhinopole I had a similar dog jump at me when I was passing in the opposite direction... luckily he was leashed and the owner was able to yank him away before he knocked me down!

  • @shadowfx works just fine. My only issue has been letting the retractable leash get too long. I have to keep it shorter else my dog has a habit of winding up on the wrong side of utility poles.

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