Forum Features (post your ideas here)

  • The OneWheel has created an awesome community of users, and I've even made a lot of new friends through our shared obsession over this amazing single-wheeled device. The problem is that this stale, out-of-the-box NodeBB forum doesn't really reflect the same level of greatness.

    I thought I'd start a thread where people could post their technical wishlist for this forum, which I assume they'll be updating now that Future Motion's business is expanding.

    I'll start:

    1. Allow us to post videos directly to the site, as you can do on Facebook. I don't mind uploading my bigger production videos to Vimeo or YouTube first, but having to upload every little clip we shoot to another video hosting site before posting here is kind of a drag.

    2. Allow full-size photo posting. Even the most basic forum has its own image downsizing mechanism, and it's pretty annoying to have to downsize every picture before being able to post it. Especially after several attempts have to be made to get it small enough.

    3. Create a calendar of events that the OW community can post to, showing meet-ups in different areas across the world. That would be really helpful for everyone to be able to check the calendar for meet-ups in their area, see where to meet, what time to meet, and who's going to be there. I'm not exactly sure how this would work, but it seems there must be some kind of existing template out there for it.

  • Please, for god's sake, separate out buy/sell threads from the rest of discussion. Constant posts of "brand new one-wheel for sale" or hundreds of replies on the custom fender thread are spammy and annoying.

    Doesn't even need any technical work :-)

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