Any Sacramento Onewheelers here?

  • Just got mine a few days ago and after a day of riding ordered another one for my girlfriend.
    So far, I've been ripping around Midtown and the American River bike trail. It's been a blast!
    Shoot me a message if you're around Sacramento and want to go for a shred.

  • @brosiah_reloza is in Elk Grove. Im in the north bay area. I can probably meet with you guys sometime. Tomorrow Im riding in the south bay area though.

  • @w1ngy @jeff8v7 what's up guys!!! I would love to ride with you guys but unfortunately I got in trouble. I was riding my one wheel to my after school robotics class and I got it taken away by school security. My parents got real serious about it and took it away until I graduate, in MAY!!!! If I get it back earlier I will let you guys know!

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