TL;DR Please wear a helmet...

  • @depressedguy dude! Sorry to hear that man! Glad you made it out. Did they run a red light? I commute in downtown Los Angeles everyday and worry about this. Full pads everytime. Always looking both ways when crossing even a green light. The busses like to run the Reds.

  • @depressedguy Sorry to hear this! I agree that you should always wear pads... things can change in an instant when you're riding a OneWheel. Not just with cars, but one second you're riding along without a care in the world, the next you're on the ground after hitting an unseen pothole or uneven pavement.

    But I also agree with @TonyGDTLA that another lesson here is always look before crossing! Whether you're on a OneWheel or just walking, cars run red lights all the time, and it's a lot easier to stop paying attention to your surroundings when you're cruising around on the funnest vehicle ever made!

    Hope you recover fast and can get back out there!

  • Sorry to hear you got hurt and thankfully you are overall ok. I have lon avocado for helmet and wrist guards. .. and on major intersections I don't risk it and walk my board across crosswalks.

    Be safe all.

  • Holy shit dude. Hoping for a speedy recovery for you.

    I fear riding in or near traffic anywhere in LA for these reasons exactly. Far too many people in a hurry and not paying attention (they barely pay attention to other cars on the road much less peds/skaters/bikers).

    I did a longer ride with some friends recently near some freeway entrance/exits on the way and took extra caution and walked with the board whenever it felt a little too risky for me.

  • @fabuz
    Wrong wording on my part. Actually here in Singapore electric mobility vehicles like onewheel aren't allowed on roads so we ride them on pedestrian pathways as well as bicycle lanes when available. In my case I was crossing a pedestrian crossing when a car ran the red light and hit me. We are indoctrinated from young to stop and look both ways before crossing however in my case I didn't see the car coming towards me as he was just too fast.

  • Wow, that board almost brings a tear to the eye. Glad you made it. Do you think riding the onewheel contributed to getting hit, or would this have probably still happened if you were walking or running?

  • @depressedguy Hang in there man and get better. Similar to motorcycles you don't have to make the mistake to get messed up or die...Someone else can easily do it for you. It's not as cool or comfortable but everyone should wear a helmet.

  • @depressedguy ok I understand better! Wish you to get well soon !!!

  • @depressedguy having ridden freebords as well (yes, they're spelt without an 'a'), your post reminds me of the WEAR A HELMET 4ST awareness campaign which you can find here:


    This is from the official facebook page of the campaign:

    In early 2011, Freebord lost friend and team rider Sam Trowbridge to a traumatic injury suffered while Freebording. Sam was not wearing a helmet when the accident occurred. The loss of Sam hit the Freebord community hard and we want you, regardless of what you ride, to take a stand to always wear your helmet.

    I basically always wear a helmet ever since - even for short commutes. Let us take an example from the freebord community and spread helmet awareness.

  • Hope you get well soon. I have had a few close calls with cars pulling out in front of me. They just do not seem to see you sometimes. Same issue when biking, even when i wear hi viz gear.

    Everyone definitely wear a helmet. The spill i took this weekend.. going 11-12mph and nose diving, the back of my head hit the concrete... but with a helmet, not even a scratch on my head. (my left ankle,calf,knee,hip,shoulder are a different story. and my right tricep, which slammed down on the concrete it pretty bruised as well).

    edit: back of right bicep = right tricep. need coffee

  • @depressedguy
    Thanks for sharing, and good luck with the recovery!!

    I mostly only wear wristguards but after seeing this post, I will pick up my helmet again...

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