Dirt on the sensors causing weirdness?

  • Since I switched to Extreme mode afte my 2nd session with the Onewheel, I never looked back. So much better, agile and predictable.

    Yesterday I got a lot of dirt on the foot pads, from riding in the wet woods. I did not bother to clean it/hose it down, just brushed the dry
    dirt off before riding today.

    I felt immediately that something was different; the early pushback was back, it was "stiffer",
    felt like it was in Basic mode (or whatever it is called). But I had not changed anything...could it be that the sensors was too dirty? Anyone with similar experience?

    Cleaned the board properly tonight...will be exciting to test tomorrow.


  • @oledokka The sensors under the foot pads are only there to let the electronics know that someone is standing on the board, so it shouldn't affect pushback at all. I would imagine dirt would have to get inside the waterproof housing and into the gyros or accelerometer to affect that.

    Did you check to see if it had somehow switched back to Classic shaping? I have heard of that happening.

  • @oledokka @thegreck Yeah... mine keeps switching back to classic shaping. I used the app on a friend's iPhone to switch to exteme the first time and the sideways sensor method since then. I've had my OW for 5 days. I also have to hit the power button once to get it charging after plugging it in. Suppose there's something wrong with my board?

  • @bmtka Not really sure. I know FM suggests people not use that method to switch between modes, maybe that's the reason? Not much of a choice if you don't have an iPhone right now though.

    As far as the power button to charge thing goes, all I know is on our LA meetup last weekend, for some reason 2 people in our group had that same exact issue for the first time when we stopped to charge our boards. Took a little while to figure that one out. Not sure if it's happened to either of them since then, though, or how serious of an issue it is.

  • @thegreck I've had to hit power button to start charging a few times. I think sometimes it gets a weird connection.

  • @TonyGDTLA - I've had the same issue with having to hit the power button to get it to charge. I found if I plug the charger into the board, then plug the charger into the wall it works fine. Haven't had any weirdness since I started doing it this way.

  • @D-Wave I'll try it that way next time.

  • @thegreck When I checked the app after getting home, it still said it was in EXTREME, but it most def was not...will report how it goes today. Is there any way to hard reset the board?

  • @oledokka what does it say when you turn it on the side and hit the power button? 2 blinks = classic, 3 = extreme, 4 = elevated.

  • @D-Wave that's funny, cause I found if I plug the charger to the wall then plug to the board it works great. But maybe take into account if one was to plug it in while it's on, rather than off. That may throw off the charge.

  • @bmtka it says EXTREME (3 blinks)...is there a way to reset the board? How do you change mode without the app? (I know that this is possible...)


  • @oledokka To switch manually: turn it off, flip on side with power button up; turn it on and the power light will flash 1-4 times, telling you which mode it is in; tap the pressure sensor to go up 1 mode (or back to 1 from 4).

    I had to do this once after a cold night. It switched back to classic. Since then however, there has been no trouble.

  • @germx There are four modes? How are they numbered?

  • @thegreck I I remember the official answer correctly:
    2. Classic
    3. Extreme
    4. Elevated
    1 . Experimental, do not use.

    "We strongly advise against using this to select your riding modes. First, the 1 blink is a learning mode that is not ready to be used. It has not been refined or tested enough for it to be in public use so please, do not use it. Secondly, when we introduce new modes down the line the manual system will become outdated and correspond to the wrong settings which can also be really dangerous. Again, we strongly advise against using this system." -FM

    " Boogieman 9 months ago
    From what I've observed post App update,
    1 flash: Not specified yet by FM
    2 flashes: Classic Mode
    3 flashes: Extreme Mode
    4 flashes: Elevated Mode
    I switch manually all the time when I'm letting people try out the board.
    I'm an Android phone user that uses an Ipad to change via the app, obviously not practical for riding about.
    Where's the Android App FM ;>) ?"

    edit- weird stuff

  • @TonyGDTLA - full disclosure - I actually started doing it that way because it shocked the sh!t out of me when I was unplugging the charger from the board once after charging (not a fan of the jolt!) ...just a coincidence that it also solved 'hit the power button to get it charging' issue...

  • @D-Wave Yeah, mine always sparked when I plugged the cord into the board after plugging it into the wall socket. Then I saw a post by @njcustom that the easy way to stop it from happening was to do it in the reverse order, and I've been doing it that way ever since.

    Not sure why I hadn't thought of it myself. I guess I was just following the instructions, thinking FM must've had a reason for telling us to do it that way.

  • @thegreck - I wish I had seen the post from @njcustom!! Could have saved myself some pain!!!

  • @D-Wave Last night I tried plugging the charger into the wall after connecting it to the OW and still had to hit the power button to start charging.

  • @D-Wave dang man. Ouch.

  • @bmtka - bummer man...I guess if it becomes an issue you can always send it in...we know the FM folks will make it right!

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