Anyone in the Bay Area who wants to check out the dedicated OW bag?

  • Hi Everyone,
    I'm in San Francisco for over a month now, and it just occured to me that some of you might want to check out my bag in person.

    Here are the bag details:

    I spend most of my time in SF, around Haight-Ashbury, Union Square, or next Thursday in Redwood City.
    I'll be leaving back to Poland on March 14th, so it's the last chance! :)

    Also, which one of you did I see in Arcata, CA, two days ago? :)

  • are you going to take your onewheel with you back to poland on the plain?
    could you update here and tell us if it worked? thank you

  • I'd love to check it out. I was just measuring my board to look at options. I'm going to be around Union Square Friday evening. I'm usually in Oakland during the day, but I'll be around Moscone Center this week for RSA. +1(309)807-5858 if you're around the area and free to meetup?

  • @OneDream I didn't bring over my OW from Poland, I came here 4 weeks ago, right after the airport problems so I didn't want to risk it.

    @akraut any chance you'll be there next week though? I'd still have to have the bag shipped here from Poland, and it takes a week to do so expedited (and only makes financial sense if there's more than 2-3 people willing to see it )

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