South Bay Area riding

  • Or if you make it over the hill to Santa Cruz we should all visit the OneWheel office in town... And ride it

  • Hey guys,

    I have been reading on this forum for the past couple of weeks but never registered. After finding this thread, I decided to register. I'm located in San Jose, CA. Erichs, I used to live in Sunnyvale, raised there and moved back. DVO, I'm in downtown. What part of SJ are you in?

    I have ordered my OW 8 weeks ago. Still waiting on the tracking number. I have been badgering OW about my order, I'm sure they're annoyed with me. haha! But they said will be shipped out this week. Hopefully that's true. But once I get my OW, I would love to go riding with you guys.

  • @enjoi408 Nice, I'm on east/southside by Hellyer Park, where the disk golf place is. I work Downtown. I can tell you're from San ho, ENJOI408 ;) I have some connection w/ them Caswell, Jose Rojo etc, all grew up and skated around my part of town. If you skate we might know the same peeps. ;) My boys still rip up Roosevelt Park Downtown.

  • I'm in Mountain View. I usually ride once a week to work (up Stevens Creek Trail; you can probably guess where I work).
    I really ought to ride along the bay trail; I bet the geese would get really confused by the OneWheel (or chase me).
    Work also has a little pump track I've been meaning to check out on the OneWheel. Unfortunately it is behind a locked gate (no visitors).

    Definitely would be interested in meeting up for a group ride.

  • DVO,

    Enjoi is my favorite company/ team. I used to skate a lot but my skateboard friends dropped one by one. I never really got super good at it but did it more for fun. I should really hop back on my skateboard though. Do you skate with any of the Enjoi riders?

  • We been at the same spots together plenty of times but not on purpose. Was at the Enjoi "Bag of Suck" premier. Jose Rojo used to sell shoes to us for hella cheap lol. Louie Barletta and Jerry Hsu are my fav skaters.

  • For sure. I've never actually met any of them besides Jose Rojo. I ran into him at a skate shop in Los Gatos randomly and got his autograph.

  • Hey guys. I just got my Onewheel and am hoping to find some people to ride with. I live in Tahoe but spend a lot of time in San Francisco and Cupertino (I guess you can figure where I work). So, I'm up for a weekend ride in SF or a during-the-week ride in the Peninsula

  • Anyone up for a group ride this weekend? Maybe Sunday?

  • @erichs I am week 5 :/ Hopefully soon brah

  • I JUST got my confirmation on my tracking number. Also, I will be heading up to Lake Tahoe on Sunday through Weds. Maybe @kbern, we can ride when I'm up there?

    This is all assuming I get it by Friday. haha.

  • I just got my OneWheel in!!!!! First ride was good. Went down a driveway side walk ramp and almost killed myself because I was fighting it too much. But either way, I'm loving it! Just got to build my confidence again.

  • @enjoi408 Congrats brutha!! When I get mine, we should riding!!

  • Hey hey! I'm in San José. We should ride down the Guadalupe river trail. It is perfect.

    How about sunday?

  • @DVO Thank man! Lets ride when you get yours!

    @Gizmoduck I leave for Lake Tahoe on Sunday night. During the day might work for me!

  • Nice! How late would work? I'm coming back from a backpacking trip midday Sunday.

  • @Gizmoduck Well I will be leaving for Lake Tahoe on Sunday 630pm ish. So if you're free before then I would love to get a ride in before I leave. Let me know if that works out for you.

  • @enjoi408 Alright. That may be a little early. I'll ping you when I'm back in cell signal with an eta and we'll see if we can make it happen. Does Guadalupe trail in downtown work? Somewhere around sap center. All are welcome so if someone else can make it- speak up.

  • @enjoi408 CONGRATS! Looking forward to riding with you!

  • @Gizmoduck @enjoi408 I'd be down to try that Guadalupe trail sometime... I've never done it (heard of it) as I don't know much about San Jose.
    I do work from Cupertino a lot, though, so if you guys are up for it one evening during the week after work, I'd be down, but not next week.
    Message me off-thread!

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