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  • @Snurfer Love the videos, thanks for posting them

  • I have recently purchased a DJI Mavic drone and will be using the active track mode so that it will follow me. Can't wait to get my one wheel+ to test it out. Before I purchased my drone I was watching all of the youtube stuff that I could find on the one wheel every day and ever chance I could. I thought to myself that I would purchase all of my safety gear and anything else I could think of while I try to patiently await my OW. I made the purchase of the drone but it was also back ordered like the OW and I thought to myself "crap! now it is another thing that I really want that I have to wait atleast a month for!". Then I got an email the next day after ordering the drone and it said "We are happy to tell you that your drone purchase is going to be shipped to you sooner than expected, we are preparing to ship your order now". I received my drone 5 days ago and it is amazing and fun. I have been testing the active track on my mountain bike and it works great. I no longer have that impatient feeling, waiting for my OW or feel the need to re review every OW video on Youtube anymore because I can just go and fly my drone but I am super excited that when my OW arrives I will be flying my drone as I fly on my OW.

  • @AdventureGuy I have a question about your drone. Are you able to get it to about 10 feet or so and put it in active mode. I see this Tony Hawk skate view in my mind and maybe some fast running side shots.

  • yes please

  • @Earthpilot you have to be at 16 feet minimum (5 mètres) can see how active track (with profile mode) works here
    but I wasn't in a big open space so I was very careful..
    This mavic is a little beast , very easy to fly! I would like to say more about it but my english is so crappy....

  • I have the Feiyu G3 (looks identical) and took it to Morocco on a Land Rover expedition across the country (offroad/overland). This thing is incredible... I could hang out the passenger window of the old Defender while it blazed across terrain, holding the gimbal out, and the footage was buttery smooth. Absolute no brainer for hand-held footage, and it's super light for what it is!

  • I don't have any video work up on my site, but check out to get an idea of my work/quality :)

    I wouldn't recommend bad gear!

  • Guys when you have a moment check out my video - I figured I do a video of me riding the Onewheel for the first time...... Equipment I used was the Mavic Pro (Drone), Sony A6300 camera and the stabilizer (Zhiyun Crane).. Let me know what you think....

    Most of the Arials was done using the Mavic via Active Track mode.. You guys should give it a shot... It's really cool...

  • @fabuz Merci, I know a little French, ha.

  • I have the ikan Fly X3 Go gimbal and it works awesome! link below to Ikan website.

    In this video you can see the OW pushback make the nose of the board jerk up, but the video from the gimbal stay smooth.

    The Gimbal is mounted to the side of the OW using a GoPro mount.

  • @MidwestSurf Thanks for the info on that. Your video looks good.

  • yes, they make extendable poles for the feiyu. I got mine on amazon, and the gimbal rides close to the ground but far enough away/behind me that you can't see it.

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