Just seen this thing on Casey neistat's Video

  • Someone cough (lynn) said on here one time, "It's more than I wanted to pay, but less than it's worth" and that is probably the most true statement possible. Sure if it was cheaper (and less ship time) I'd have four friends who would have one by now, but I have absolutely zero regrets about the cost of it. Check other electric skateboard type things and you don't get the versatility or safety I feel of a onewheel. If you rode one, you wouldn't go back.

  • Gotta pay to play sometimes. Same price as a Good mountain bike or a cheap Rolex. But I do believe you will get your moneys worth.I dunno if the prices get cheaper, but the product will only get better.

  • The powered skateboard market (at least the top tier, quality brands) are solidly in the $1k-$2k range. I don't see that changing in the short term. When you consider that decent trucks, bearings, wheels, deck, etc can easily be over $250, it's hard to imagine a lithium powered setup going for much less than $1k.

  • I thought the price was high. It was certainly more than I wanted to pay and.... just bought my second one yesterday. I actually have as much fun watching peoples reactions to seeing it as I do riding it. A mix of awe and joy for all... Beautiful!

  • Yes, it's not cheap but you get what you pay for.
    This is not some cheap toy that breaks after a few tumbles. Everything about this product is well made and high quality.

    Comparing this to other well made board sport pricing even misses point. Those products are all hardware. This product is hardware, mechanics, and software all working together seamlessly for a fun and superb experience.

    My expensive snowboard is sitting in the basement gathering dust while I'm using onewheel everyday without extra expenses like lift tickets ect.

    I get some can't afford the price or just cannot justify the expense. But it's well worth the price of you can afford it in any possible way.

  • if they can get it under a 1000$ and ramp up production they'll make billions

  • Maybe eventually the price will come down, BUT right now price isn't the problem especially since they don't have inventory. At this point most people don't know this product exists and in that huge group there are a lot of people who can and will pay the current price.

    Awareness is starting to slowly snowball but there is a long ways to go. Where I'm at in Wisconsin nobody that has seen me has any idea what I'm riding. But this product is so breakthrough that everyone wants to know about it.

  • OneWheel = mini Tesla

    OneWheel $1500 Tesla $100,000

    Fun factor equal ;)

  • @MichaelW Do you already have yours?

  • @Franky yes. Just bought a second yesterday.

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