Did you build that?

  • I get this question every time I ride. What about you guys? Could you imagine how much it would cost to build a OW from scratch and get it functional. And I'm a college student on campus too so the question is even more funny since what D2 college student would have the capital to fund the build.

  • @OneWheelNoob We were talking about that at our last LA meetup, and the consensus is that it's the mix of wood and aluminum that makes it look a little homemade to some people.

    But one thing I realized is when we had a group of people all riding OneWheels on the boardwalk, that was the one question we didn't get. I guess when you have a bunch of people riding identical boards, it no longer looks like you made it.

    Funny thing is, the "Did you make that" question was replaced with one that we had never gotten before: "Where did you guys rent those?"

  • @thegreck That's funny. I enjoy when people inquire about it though no matter what the question. When college students ask how much it is their jaws drop when I answer.

  • @OneWheelNoob I get that question every time I ride. I started asking "what makesit seem home made?" The answers are all different and amusing.

  • @donny-h What are some of the answers? I've never asked anyone why they thought I made it.

  • I love to claim that, yes I made it and ride off into the distance !!!! Onewheel you guys are awesome !!!!!

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