Extreme - pushback at low speeds?

  • Has anyone gotten pushback in extreme mode not at high speed? I went for a quick ride today on wet conditions and got pushback feeling pretty early.. 10mpH at best and my average speed showed only 9mph. It was definitely slow for how I usually ride. Battery level was above 50%.

    Decided to stop as it just wasn't feeling right and will go home to charge it max before taking it out again.

    Any ideas of other reasons for pushback?

  • One time when riding in heavy rain the battery died very fast, only got 70% of my normal distance.

    This seems a different issue, but I thought I share it anyway...

  • It's possible your board switched back to Classic mode, which 10mph is when you get push back. Some people have had issues where their board switched to Classic from Extreme.

  • i got a general question and i didn't want to start a new thread at all. does anybody know when the low battery pushback normally kicks in?

  • Is it 5%

  • @chabis I think it kicks in after a certain voltage drop rather than battery percentage. My experience is pretty limited, though. I say this because was riding hard last weekend and got low-battery pushback when I was about a half-mile from my car. I forget exactly, but the battery was somewhere between 7-10%. Turned the board off and carried it a couple blocks to where I could get on a downhill slope, turned it back on, rode down, carried it another 100 feet or so over a small rise and was able to ride it very gently to within a few feet of my car before I got the pushback again. My battery was at 3% at that point.

    My hypothesis is that you can safely keep riding after low-battery pushback as long as you aren't causing the motor to draw enough energy to drop the battery voltage beyond that point again by riding very slowly and avoiding uphills. Slow riding is also good in this situation in case the motor does decide to shut right down on you without warning.

  • I already check my battery at 1% after a ride without having the low battery pushback...

  • @fabuz After finishing on a downhill, I'm guessing?

  • @bmtka nope dude it was on flat trail...

  • @fabuz But you do normally get low-batt pushback, yes? Or does yours just shut-the-f-down on you with no warning? This was a one time anomaly does it happen often? Do you suppose there was a battery calibration issue?

  • @Dude @fabuz and @bmtka i'm asking because as you may have read here in the forums somewhere, i've had problems with my battery (got a variety of battery errors) and was close to sending it in at one point. as a result i became very aware of charging time, low battery pushbacks, nosedives and whatever the heck comes with it haha.
    aaaanyhow. during that time i got used to getting battery pushbacks between 10% and 20% battery (sometimes even around 25%). i was mostly riding very fast and in "cool" conditions (-2 to +5 degrees celsius).
    fast forward to yesterday: finally, spring has kicked in over here, so we're getting into the +10 to +20 degrees celsius temperatures which is REALLY nice (i love the skatepark in the elevated mode !! ). as a result of these higher temperatures, the battery lasts significantly longer than before (my brother's a design engineer so he told me that most batteries perfom best at around +20 degrees celsius) resulting in a waaaay bigger range and permits me doing longer sessions. however, i also get the low battery pushback in extreme between 1% and 10% battery level. being accustomed to earlier pushbacks this seemed kinda off. that's why i'm asking :)

  • I've started to get some early pushback on flat, dry conditions on Extreme and I can't figure out why either? Seems to happen at about 12.5 mph? Any ideas?

  • @shadowfx Maybe it was the low battery pushback?

  • Shadow,

    I always get pushback at about 13mph, and that's on extreme mode. I can hold up my Apple Watch and look at the speed every time to replicate it. That's likely normal considering the top speed of this board, as the pushback at that speed will at least provide a bit of a warning to the rider before going beyond the motors limitations. However, if someone pushes right through that pushback very quickly and still continues to push forward, then its superman time. LOL

  • @T-CAT Thanks, that makes sense, I just thought it'd be easier to maintain the top speed but seems pretty difficult without avoiding the inevitable 'superman' LOL, fortunately, I've only done that on grass so far.

    @Polle Thanks for the thought, I initially thought that was well but found it happens at full charge as well.

    I guess what I'm experiencing is what was discussed in that "problem with riding on streets" thread; when I'm riding on smooth, empty bike paths, you tend to want to go faster or expect that you can and that can lead to pushing harder than you should.

  • @rainynite A lot of times it's hard for me to distinguish between pushback and just the basic self-balancing function of the board when I ride at high speeds. The faster you go, the more the nose of the board will feel like it's being pushed up (which is actually just your own weight being shifted backwards due to the acceleration of the board, kind of like being pushed up against the back of the seat when a car accelerates).

    This is just how the Onewheel attempts to keep the board level so the nose doesn't dig into the ground, and might be what you're experiencing. Pushback is when the board OVER-accelerates to attempt to shift your weight even further back (in turn, hoping to slow you down).

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