Switching modes while riding?

  • Would changing modes while riding work or would it end in catastrophic failure? Has anyone ever tried doing this?

  • @OneWheelNoob Sounds like you just volunteered to figure that out for us!

    Last night after a couple beers, I was having a grand old time riding my OneWheel in full safety gear, fucking around in the yard and getting regularly and unceremoniously bailed whenever I intentionally pushed the OW past it's limits. The ground is soft and forgiving right now and I just giggled every single time I hucked and then rolled.

    If you don't want to try it, I'm willing to while my yard is still so spongy soft.

    Will update tomorrow.

  • @OneWheelNoob hi there, changing modes whiles riding is no problem at all and will most likely not result in a catastrophic failure. i do it all the time. however, there's a restriction. you can only change the mode if you're basically balancing / standing still. if not, the option is greyed out (at least on my iphone) and you're stuck with the current riding mode you're in.. hope it helps. cheers

  • Thanks both of you for your replies

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