Lightweight Rig for Carrying the OW on Your Back

  • I came up with simple 2-piece strap rig that can attach to any backpack and allows you to carry the OneWheel on your back. I designed it in a way that the main bulk of the OW's weight pulls straight down on the shoulder straps, rather than pulling back on them, which should make carrying it over longer distances easier.

    It seems like a great thing to have in your backpack at all times, especially if you plan to ride on hiking trails on a camping trip or something, if there's any chance of running out of battery. It should make carrying it a lot easier than throwing it over one shoulder.

    I had thought about making it a DIY once I finished, but honestly I doubt too many people would want to spend as much time as I did making this thing, so let me know if anyone is interested and I'll look into the costs involved in having this thing manufactured professionally.


  • I really like the simplicity of your design. My only concern is that most times after a ride the wheel is at least dirty if not possibly wet. If there was a way to incorporate some sort of waterproof fabric flap that went between the board and your back to keep the dirt at bay I would be totally into this. A little more sewing, but I think with that addition you would have a lightweight, simple method of carrying your onewheel anywhere anytime with any backpack. Add some velcro or some sort of fastener to the fabric and make it fold into itself and you have a marketable product.

    One more thought. Perhaps a luggage hook that would hook into the built in handle on the onewheel to avoid having to run a strap between the wheel and foot pad each time. That may complicate the rest of it, but just a thought.

    Awesome Idea though, best I have seen yet of the "add it to a preexisting backpack" ideas.

  • @thegreck This is definitely something I need!! I so could have used this a few weeks ago out on a trail. I think an attached fender would prevent any contact with dirt while carrying it as pictured above. I like the effective simplicity. I like that you got Robert Downey Jr's endorsement.

  • @miketech These are excellent ideas, and I totally agree! Let me see what I can come up with and I'll repost once I have a revision.

  • @Code-ster I think typically you'd want the fender to be on the outside, because you don't want all of the weight of the board on it while you carry it... I just accidentally put it in backwards for this photo. I think I like the fabric idea, also because it'll help bring all the pieces together into one and allow it to be rolled and velcroed into a small pouch when not in use. Update to come soon!

  • After I posted this, I got some really good feedback from a few users, and I went back to the drawing board to try to figure out how to incorporate the new ideas.

    It took several attempts to come up with a new, working design. Every time I though I was onto on something, I realized there was a fatal flaw and had to scrap the idea. But I think this one is going to work really well. Plus, it's much more simplified than any of the versions I came up with along the way.

    So anyway, I've bought all the materials I needed, and I'm hoping to have my second prototype ready to show by the end of the week (if everything works out). I'll keep you posted!

  • @thegreck : great man, we are looking forward to it!

  • Hi thegreck, any progress on this? Its obviously a really awesome/essential idea, we've found out the hard way how uncomfortable and silly looking it is to be lugging dead onewheels around long distance, after that I'd pre-order 2 of your carriers at almost any price, sort of like a spare tire, no one should be driving around without one...

  • @SeaP90d Sorry, I've been busy and haven't had a chance to finish up the last piece. It's going to be a weather-proof fabric wheel-cover that will double as a pouch to hold the whole thing in. But I've got the material and the plans drawn up of how it's going to attach, so I'll try to work on that ASAP.

    I also need to figure out who to go to that would be able to produce these and see how much it'll cost, and see if it's something people would want to buy. Thanks for the interest and I promise I'll try to get to this soon!

  • IMHO, a hydration backpack with straps to carry an OW would be a nice combo.

  • @thegreck - I have a contact who I think could get you hooked up with vendors to get quotes, etc. Hit me up when you are ready!

  • @D-Wave Actually someone has already contacted me, but thanks for the offer! I'll give you a shout if things don't work out with the current plan.

  • How are things progressing with this? I'm also interested in @kolinko's duffle bag but this would be potentially even more practical for me.

  • @AdamDoubleG Sorry, I know it's been a while, but I've definitely been working on trying to get this thing done, and done right. I've partnered with someone who is more experienced with production than I am, and we hit a few small stumbling blocks, but we worked our way through most of them and I hope to have everything ironed out and get our first real prototype from the manufacturer pretty soon. If all goes well with that, we should have something to announce soon after that!

  • Dude this is great!!! This is something I've been thinking about doing since I got the Onewheel.

  • @thegreck Sweet, how soon is soon? Are we talking weeks or months or what? Summer's about to arrive so I want to make the most of it!

  • Too cool

  • @AdamDoubleG said in Lightweight Rig for Carrying the OW on Your Back:

    @thegreck Sweet, how soon is soon? Are we talking weeks or months or what? Summer's about to arrive so I want to make the most of it!

    My new business partner and I have been hard at work behind the scenes ever since my post on the subject 2 months ago, revising the idea and talking to the manufacturer, but I feel like we're finally getting really close to having something to offer. I'm really hoping within the next few weeks, as I definitely want to be able to get it out there for the summer! But since I've not done this before, I can't make any promises.

    Basically, we're expecting the first prototype from the manufacturer any day now (hopefully!). If we both like how it came out, we can go directly into producing and selling it. Otherwise... it might need work, in which case it's hard to say when it'll be ready exactly :(

    Both of us are really excited about the Onewheel, though, and we've come up with a few other cool surprises that hopefully we can announce at the same time the backpack rig becomes available, so keep checking back!

  • @thegreck Any news on this? It's been a while...

  • @AdamDoubleG Sorry, I mentioned it in a few other threads but I guess I missed this one. I don't think this one is going to come to fruition. We had a few prototypes made by the manufacturer, but couldn't come up with something we'd feel comfortable selling. We just couldn't get it working the way we wanted it to. Sorry!

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