Digital shaping: more than EXTREME please

  • So...I have been riding a bit since I got my Onewheel a month ago. On the road, off the road, in the woods, on the beach...all over the place.

    And to be very clear: I love it. The design, the build quality, the ride itself, the ability to really ride everywhere on a board. Nothing else comes close (except my fat bike, but that is not as fun). Onewheel really defines a new category of board sport. Super cool!

    I guess a few of us (many?) have (a lot?) experience from surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding...I really think we need a "digital shape" / mode made for us!

    When you have learned the basics, mounting/dismounting, got the feel of the thing on and off the road in various speeds, you feel that the Onewheel has more to offer. More speed and control of the motor primarily. When the board breaks at 20 km/h, in EXTREME mode, it feels like 10km/h too soon.

    I realise that Future Motion is still in itΒ΄s early phases with this platform, and maybe the next update has something exciting..I really would love to have a "YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN"-shape, where only the technical limitations of the motor and gyro sets the boundaries. We will not destroy the motor....but we would like to use it to the max, right?

    Thoughts? Am I hoping for too much?


  • @oledokka I agree with what you say. It feels like it has more to give. Updates or changes to future models are very likely to give us this. Until Then, I Push it to the MAX.

  • Sorry guys.. The board has been tamed with the latest updates. There was no push back and more excelleration in the previous firmwares..😞

  • @oledokka said:

    Thoughts? Am I hoping for too much?

    I hope you're not hoping for too much. I'd just like to have an option that's basically Extreme shaping without any pushback (I think).

  • @thegreck the really cool thing would be to actually be able to shape your ride, interactively. Use the app to fine tune a bunch of settings, EXPERT mode if you will.

    Pushback could be a slider setting from 15 km/t to 30 km/t ie... Because I think we would like a warning before everything goes to hell πŸ˜€..

    Oh well - we will see!


  • @oledokka said:

    Pushback could be a slider setting from 15 km/t to 30 km/t ie... Because I think we would like a warning before everything goes to hell πŸ˜€..

    Yeah, you're probably right. For now. A few of us are hoping they'll include other warning options in future boards so the pushback can be gotten rid of. My favorite suggestion so far is a vibration under the foot pads.

  • I personally think pushback probably helps more people than it hurts but I agree that it's a bummer for more advanced riders that are limited by it. I like having pushback in extreme for a care free ride on pavement knowing I'm not accidentally going to nose dive. On the other hand if there wasn't pushback I might get really good riding top speed in between max torque and balance. What bothers me most about pushback is that it seems to be based on speed rather than motor capacity. This means pushback is a non factor off-road because the motor is working harder to keep pace, but my issue is going down hills where pushback kicks in even though the motor isn't nearly at capacity to keep you below 14mph. I'm for a no pushback mode which would let us figure out how to ride it to its maximum potential which would be just like riding off road....except on road.

  • I second the motion.

  • @parrothd Which "latest updates" are you talking about? I'm on 3056. It seems to me that by the time I reach about 18 mph, the motor is howling and to spin faster for pushback is about all the speed it's got left.

  • @Franky If this is anything like the other self-balancing devices out there, the pushback when riding downhill is more likely to be preventing either over-current in the charging circuit, or over-voltage in the battery cells.

    My experience besides the OneWheel is the SBU.

  • @dcosmos 3029.. The only warning was the Rev limiter

  • @oledokka I agree there should be a mode to fine tune all the setting on your own. Instead of having 3 exact modes that can't be changed

  • Let's assume FM never opens up this option. Given the abundance of talent around here, especially as Onewheel's become more popular and common place, I wouldn't be surprised if we started seeing "Onewheel Settings Hack" tutorials on YouTube, like everything else out there. Of course hacks present other problems like warranty voids and potentially dangerous glitches. So it would be one of those things that a rider would be wise to weigh the freedom against the risk. Some limitations are put into place for a reason. I'm sure a lot of "at your own risk" disclaimers would come with an official Custom settings mode from FM.

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