Volunteers to give someone a Test Drive/Ride for a couple beers (or something like that)

  • I've wanted a OW for awhile, but would love to try one before buying it. I'm sure there are others out there too that would like to try one.

    So I'm proposing that anyone in the dc area who would meet up with me to let me try their one wheel, i'm happy to buy them a couple beers as a way to say thanks. And maybe other's who have a OW can reply to this post and list their respective cities for others to contact them who might be interested.

  • Im Located in Houston, TX Anyone in my area Interested is welcome to send me a message on here. I will let you try my Onewheel.

  • Don't worry about trying before you buy just buy two onewheels immediately. It will make your life so much better it's dreamlike. Extra is for buddy or girlfriend to ride with. So much fun sharing the experience riding with another person.
    I'm in Asheville N.C
    Holler for demo yo

  • I live in South Florida and have been craving to test ride a OW for some time now! I work at a water front property hotel and about a year ago, I saw a guest padded from head to toe riding what I thought was the coolest most sickest electric board ever! I did not know what it was called at the time. So I looked it up online with the description of (one wheel) and sure enough it's called OW! Ive kept a close eye out on this product ever since but have yet to find a place or someone who has one that I can test ride a OW! I am in the process of saving up for a OW but would love to get my feet on one to try! Is there anyone in South Florida that knows where I can ride one?

  • Hey folks,
    I'm in the Bay Area. I commute between San Mateo and Oakland. I'm happy to bring my OW and meetup with anyone that's on the fence. I'm always down to get more folks to ride with. :smile:

  • Im in Elk Grove, CA. If you want to test drive/ride let me know. Meeting new people that are interested in the things I am interested in is always fun.

  • @brosiah_reloza I'm in Midtown Sacramento. I'm headed to Denver tomorrow for the weekend, but if you want to link up next week you can demo mine. There is an awesome parking lot that is dry and lit up at night right by my house. Shoot me a PM with a few times next week that work for you.

  • @jeffmccosker OH lol I failed to use correct grammar. I have a board I meant to say if someone is in EG let me know if you want a demo. Ill fix it right now. haha

  • Orange County, California. I am open for people to give it a try! But be careful you will want one even more!

  • I live in Indialantic Florida. Close to Melbourne/Cocoa Beach/Kennedy area. Willing to let someone test drive one of my boards. (beer payment necessary :eyes:

  • @zkidd We got you covered at SUPrents.com We'll ship you a Onewheel plus to try anywhere in the USA.

  • @zkidd Here you go! They even volunteer test rides!

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