If you ever need a confidence boost…

  • … ride past a group of kindergarten kids. I've done this three times now, and every single time the kids scream "Wow, look at that guy - he's cool!". I think I'm a fairly cool guy in general, but I've only gotten this reaction when riding my Onewheel, so I guess that has to be the explanation :smile:

  • True for me as well. I've seen a kid yell at his dad and point as they passed in a car, so excited his dad probably thought a tidal wave was coming down the road. What's also interesting is the non reaction from some adults. You and I know how cool the OW is, and to think some people would see it pass and not be curious is a bit confounding.

  • @madsb I guess this headline is right! http://www.geek.com/news/onewheel-the-segway-for-cool-people-1612831/

    I was letting my wife ride my OW over the weekend and as she passed these two little kids (also around kindergarten age) riding Razor scooters, one of them said, "Look mom! She's got a COOL scooter!"

    It was pretty funny, but I also felt bad for their mom, who a few seconds earlier had two kids who were perfectly happy with the scooters she had bought for them.

  • @madsb ha ha ha ... I Love that. Im going to have to try that.

  • @dcosmos I know!! Some people react like it's going to make their heads explode trying to figure it out, other people never break from their conversation about what Mildred said at work today or whatever. Those people confuse me a lot.

  • on a group ride past a school last week, the three of us heard kids shout OHHH MY GOD WHATT ARE THOSE?? etc etc

    lots of screaming and cheering to come back, it was bizarre and funny

  • Some old dude about my age, riding a Vespa (and probably thinking he was fairly cool) almost fell off trying to get a look at what I was riding. I get a lot of "look at this guy". Kids always love it. Dogs sometimes hate it. Interestingly no one is ever annoyed. If you carve a skateboard down a crowded sidewalk someone will complain, but the onewheel is so alien that people don't know how to react. It's sort of cool to be the only guy in town with one, but I'm looking forward to getting someone to ride with.

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