Removable battery?

  • Is the one wheel's battery removable? I've been emailing Hawaiian airlines to see if I can take my one wheel to Hawaii during the summer.

    I have told them what it is, including weight, dimensions,and the type of battery.

    They just emailed back

    They have asked me if this "electronic skateboard" is similar to "hoverboards" I do not believe they are as they seem to be safer. They also asked if the battery can be removed. I'm sure it can but I am not 100% sure. Let me know please. Ty

  • I would not recommend removing the battery. Anything is possible but you would be better off shipping it UPS before you leave then shipping it back the same way. Also, Onewheel says taking it apart voids the warranty.

  • @brosiah_reloza No, the battery is enclosed.

    You can try explaining to them the difference between the batteries. The hoverboard uses a lithium ion battery (which can explode and is also highly toxic) and the OneWheel uses a lithium iron phosphate battery (which doesn't explode and is non-toxic).

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