Nose dive in extreme is a problem.

  • Waiting for video... friends and I in a parking lot in extreme doing straight line sprints when one pass i leaned into it it no push back at all and nose right into ground...

    2nd time different rider same thing.

    Onewheel team whats going on?

  • Sounds like you were getting too aggressive.

    First off you have to be more skillful and carful in extreme as the board is less capable of pushing you back at higher speeds than lower speeds. Pushback isn't some magic force that can save you no matter what you do. The faster you are going and the more you lean forward, the more risk you are taking of going nose down.

    Also higher speed can be dangerous if you shift your foot off the sensor or catch a dip in the road. All riders should be careful and ride defensively as you would in any board sport at higher speeds. People who push the limits and are not careful will hurt themselves.

    I've taken many spills. Thankfully always ended on my feet over pavement but have been thrown to the ground a bunch off road while pushing my skills to the limit.

    Anyone not respecting the skill needed to push this board in extreme should change the mode back to classic.

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