OneWheel Playlist

  • So my best rides happen when I'm jamming out to something on my iPod. With that said I wanted to introduce the first playlist on here. I know not every loves Jam Bands but here goes:

    David Bowie (10/24/14 - Englewood, CA) - Phish
    Loner - Ekoostik Hookah
    Rosalee (any live version) - Chris Robinson Brotherhood
    Tweezer (any version from summer 2015) - Phish
    Planecrash (live) - Moe.
    Don't Lie (live) - Greensky Bluegrass
    Outside & Inside - String Cheese Incident
    Roses are Free - Ween

  • @atl1wheelin Good post. I like to see what people listen to when they ride as I often choose a playlist to set the mood.

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