Leash Mode

  • I just got my Onewheel today and all I can say is WOW.

    But I was thinking can this thing balance itself? If so could it have a Bluetooth "leash" or wire tether and follow you around without using much battery. That would be a pretty convenient way to carry it around...
    maybe even throw your luggage on it... Just a thought, but I may be way off.

    I think my first charge is probably done and its low tide so time to take this miracle of engineering to the beach!

  • @ancientcity Haha... nice idea, but that wouldn't work, because it uses the weight of the rider to stay level. And even if you could put your luggage on it somehow, it needs someone steering with their feet and tilting the deck to make it move forward, otherwise it would just stay in one place aside from the back-and-forth movement needed to balance the luggage.

  • If you want to cary some luggage you could make or get a little cart that you tow while you ride the onewheel. Not sure how that would affect your ability to ride it smoothly though, and it would certainly drain the battery faster as you would be adding to the resistance the motor would be dealing with. And when the cart meets a small lip it could jerk you back and at the very least lean you back/slow you down if not yank you off. Maybe with big enough wheels and wakeboarder arms? I guess we are talking about a Radio Flyer or some wheeled luggage. I wouldn't want to do that for much of any distance. I did bring wheeled trashcans up my long driveway once on it. My whole body ached for a little after that. It was the twisting motion on my back, the tension in my arms absorbing the shock and the added tension in my legs all trying to compensate for the jerky trashcan. My preference is a backpack. But I think I'm a long ways off topic. =P

  • @miketech I cruise around pulling my son in his radio flyer, he loves it and its pretty easy to maneuver around with it!

  • I've pushed a stroller briefly during one of my first rides, more as a coordination test for myself than anything else. It was easy enough and the Onewheel had absolutely no trouble, though my wife insisted on pushing the stroller (on foot) the rest of the way.

  • @SC720 Great Idea with the wagon. I don't think a leash mode is feasible for the above reasons everyone has said.

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