Is this "Pushback"?

  • Wayne, have you ever had road rash? :smiley: haha

  • @Wayne I think the reason pushback starts when it does is to give the best chances of not nosediving.

    The closer you are to max speed, the less ability the board has to push you back. They say max speed is 15mph but pushback in extreme starts at 13mph. I'm guessing after 13mph, the odds of successful pushback start dramatically going down the faster you go.

    I would be fine if there was a way to turn pushback off entirely but I'm sure they think too many people would get hurt. Especially after reading of people complaining how current pushback is not fool proof. Maybe can release an Easter egg within the app to do it...

  • @Wayne - not having pushback was nerve-racking, especially when trying to just cover ground quickly. While I can't say for sure, I think you would try it without pushback and then realize you like having it there. It's so easy to get velocitized and not realized you're really going 13 mph, then stomp on the nose and . . .

  • I rode extreme for the first time today because I was experiencing pushback in classic and it really scares me to brake and have the board not react to it. Now that I riding extreme I find it better because I really don't like to go fast anyway and being in extreme means no pushback for me ever as long as I don't get close to the max speed. So I guess my new opinion is that for the way that I ride, extreme seems safer. Does anybody know what happens when you are experiencing pushback and a car or another bike pulls in front of you? How do you stop quickly when the board is speeding up like that? Thoughts?

    Regardless, from now on I'm riding extreme 24/7!

  • @MichaelW, sounds like you just need more time riding to get the feel for it. Take it easy to avoid pushback and always back off when you get pushback until you are more comfortable. The more you ride, the better you will do and the more comfortable you will feel.

  • @lynnpreston I think you're right. Tonight I did a speed test by using my wife's iPhone to record my iPhone with the onewheel app, and discovered I was actually going faster than I originally thought.

    Here's the contraption I made so I could look at the road cracks instead of my iPhone:
    onewheelApp in box.JPG


    These were my findings:

    12.83 mph- Slight Pushback kicking in at, wanted more speed
    13.00 mph- Full Pushback, wanted more speed
    15.00 mph- Fighting Pushback, I like this speed, want just a tiny bit more speed
    16.70 mph- Pushback gone, No wobbles but getting little scary because of motor noise but fun!
    17.43 mph- Pushback gone, Want to slow down now because scared I'm going to nose plant

    After speed testing I'm actually glad there's pushback afterall. I still do wonder what it would feel like if it kicked in at 14-15 mph instead of 13 mph.

    Did I mention I'm loving my Onewheel ;)

  • That's just crazy! I would be shitting my pants while riding :anguished:

  • @Polle said:

    That's just crazy! I would be shitting my pants while riding :anguished:

    I'm so glad someone else said what I was thinking.

  • That shoebox mechanism is ingenious @Wayne, But it also highlights a pretty conspicuous absence: why can't the one wheel application record your ride speed statistics for you and then show it afterwards in a little graph? Right now I'm using third-party applications meant for bicycling but it's silly to have to do that when the one wheel is always tracking the speed anyway. @Julian, whaddya say? :)

  • Took a big dive yesterday. Got pretty bruised up. Trying to figure out what happened. I've been getting pretty good and comfortable on the OW and finally switched to Extreme. Was cruising around for a couple miles, thought I had the hang of this thing when, BAM it seems like the thing just stopped. Felt as if the nose of the board just angled right into the ground and down I went. Had 50% battery left, probably at or near max speed, don't remember any pushback. It seems like a glitch. If not, the only logical thing I could think of was that my foot came off the pad but I was cruising doing large sweeping turns. Not enough to release the pad. Has anyone else experienced a sudden stop, glitch or whatever that caused an endo? Lost confidence in the boards electronics now.
    The spill looks a lot like the one at the end of this video . He's probably in classic and new at it but what did he do wrong? Look like his board just nose dives right into the dirt too.

  • That's a really interesting find, @Jens: From the video, I have no idea why that spill happened. It looks like the board just stopped balancing...

  • I have found the only time my board nose dives is when my foot is off the sensor. Being always cognizant of that, my incidents have exponentially decreased.

  • If you notice in the video, he lifts the front part of his foot off the sensor right before the board nosedives

  • Yeah, I looked for that. I see his toe lift but the ball of his foot looks to be planted pretty solid on the Sensor pad. It can't be that easy it disconnect. I found that getting my foot off the pad for dismount was one of the harder things for me to master. I hope your right in any event but I'm not convinced totally yet. Just wanted to see if anyone else had experienced what seemed to be a glitch leading to a dive.

  • Not yet but I'm still in Classic... Have had the board a week, and only got confident enough to experience pushback for the first time today. Was thinking about switching to Extreme, but I may hold off...

  • @TechMSS Extreme isn't really all that extreme, it is just a bit faster. Find an area you are comfortable riding in, put on your helmet and hop on. Extreme 1.0 used to be EXTREME with extremely snappy, aggressive response. But the latest firmware has smoothed it out, really not a huge difference from classic.

  • @Jens

    To me he had to lift his foot up enough for both sensors to fail otherwise there's no reason for it to happen.

    If you've been riding around in Classic no issue, just switched to Extreme mode, did you get too deep into it against the push back? Were you on a hill perhaps? Are you on the latest firmware? Extreme I think babysits you far less basically letting you make your own mistakes. You want to lean more, okay, it'll let you.

    There's a good definition and video of how the sensors work below:
    The two pads act independently. The board will only engage at level (from a stop) if you are pressuring both pads. However, once you are riding you can come off of one or the other as long as you are traveling at speed. This was designed to allow for riders to life their toe or heel slightly when digging into a deep turn. Once you slow down below about 0.5 mph with one pad pressured the board will disengage. Essentially there is a speed threshold where one pad engaged deactivates the board.

  • @Andrew said:

    @TechMSS Extreme isn't really all that extreme, it is just a bit faster. Find an area you are comfortable riding in, put on your helmet and hop on. Extreme 1.0 used to be EXTREME with extremely snappy, aggressive response. But the latest firmware has smoothed it out, really not a huge difference from classic.

    Agreed. Extreme is a very smooth transition from Classic once you feel comfortable. Whether you go fast in extreme or not, the board just feels more fun, and actually a little easier to control.

  • Thanks for your insight and opinions.
    Barring an electronic glitch, which seems unlikely now, the only thing I can think I did wrong was push past into what ever little push back there is in Extreme mode. But what happens in Extreme when you have hit the speed limit? I didn't feel push back, the nose just dove into the pavement. Is it possible that if I was at max speed and I was still leaning forward into it that the board just wouldn't go faster to keep me up and over I went? It seemed too easy for that to happen, if thats what went down. I like Extreme but with out push back I need some warning, audible or pulsating from the motor you can feel in your feet, that I'm at the limit and if I lean forward any more the board won't keep up to keep me up.
    Thoughts, experiences?

  • Looks to me like the video was taken early this year...maybe around CES? At that time they were still on an earlier firmware that I think was cutting power whenever one of the two foot sensors lost pressure regardless of speed. Sounds like a lot of people were initially losing power suddenly because of this which caused more injuries at the time than we are seeing with the current firmware. I know those early backers became more cautious and defensive due to the worry power could shut off accidentally due to lifting off the pressure pads.

    Personally I started with firmware 3000 and I've been able to ride all heel or all toe in turns without losing power from the start so I think this issue has been fixed. Safety is now really good and my only concern when riding are potholes or big sidewalk bumps.

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