Finally Commuting to Work on the OW!

  • So I've been working in Pasadena for about 6 years now and have had to drive 10-miles each way, every day. That might not seem far, but with LA traffic it can take between 45 minutes to over an hour, depending on various random unknowns. And the fact it takes so long to go such a short distance makes the commute even more aggravating.

    And I've never been able to take advantage of the train station near my office since there wasn't a train stop near my house. Until now. The Metro Gold Line finally made its way out to my neck of the woods a few days ago.

    I've been waiting for this day to come ever since they announced it 5 years ago! Watching miles of new track being laid down, 6 new train stations being built, and multiple bridges going up... all from my vantage point of a gridlocked freeway. And for the past 3 months I've been REALLY anxiously waiting because I knew I'd be commuting on both ends of the train ride on my OneWheel. After all that waiting, yesterday I finally got to ride the OW to work!

    I was a little worried about issues I might have with the Metro workers, or the police, or with the security at my office (who had previously banned me from riding around the parking lot on my lunch hour -- but I talked with the head of security and he told me that commuting was fine, he just couldn't let me ride around aimlessly through the lot).

    But yesterday I rode right by a cop who was harassing a homeless man on the sidewalk right by the entrance of the train station, and he didn't say a thing to me. Not even when I rode all the way down the back-and-forth handicap ramp onto the platform (with a lot of people oohing and aahing).

    I've ridden right past several Metro workers, who besides staring wide-eyed at my crazy OneWheel, have so far said nothing. Even when I ride it on the platform.

    And when I entered my office building carrying the OW, after riding all the way up to the door, the guard who was manning the security desk at the time (a nice, elderly black woman) simply said, "That thing you're riding is real nice!"

    So basically -- aside from a REALLY stupid decision to ride on the street instead of the sidewalk for a few blocks and nearly being hit by several cars, and a couple of times nearly falling off while I tried to balance as I waited for a light to change at an intersection -- it's been GREAT! It's funny watching all the people who have to walk to and from the train station who see me flying by them on the OneWheel stopping and pointing, and I've had to field a lot of questions along the way, especially during the train ride.

    But I really don't mind that part as much as I thought I would before I got the OW. I like talking about it (probably more than most people like to listen to it) and have fun explaining it to people who are curious about it. And it passes the time on the train ride... which is just fifteen minutes, regardless of how many idiot texters have smashed their cars into each other on the 210 freeway that day!

  • I commute to work when weather permits, onewheel, subway, onewheel. You get used to the looks, etc, etc. I ride in nice dress pants, shoes and dress shirt. Lol..

  • That's great! Wish I could incorporate riding into my everyday life but my commute is much longer and no mass transit solutions. Instead I've been taking a mid-day break each day to drive into the local town, park, and ride around on onewheel which is a great way to explore any town.

    I find waiting stopped at a crosswalk is my biggest challenge and the biggest opportunity to make a fool of myself in front of stopped traffic. I'd probably be better off pulling up to the crosswalk and dismounting until getting a walk sign.

  • @parrothd I hope you have a fender if your wearing nice clothes.

  • Did my first commute to the office this week as well. Got lots of stares and a few comments. I'm a 47 year old physician, so showing up at the office prompted a lot of sarcastic comments from my co-workers. Couldn't care less.

  • That is awesome. I will be doing this soon, Im 6 miles round trip.

  • Very first commute today, only about five minutes longer than my drive to work, but about the same amount of time as the drive back due to rush hour. Best commute I've ever had.

  • Do the commute a few times a week. Best bits are not worrying about roadwork, uneven sidewalks, etc when longboarders are picking up and walking :)

    Still get lots of questions, particularly at traffic lights. If it's busy I usually dismount or grab onto something. When it's less busy I tend to do figure 8's.

    Most of the way is in bikes lanes with a few shortcuts through a park and along sidewalks.

  • @shaunabe just wondering (and don't want to offend anyone but): what's the big deal with traffic lights and not getting off the OW? maybe i'm just asking this cause we don't have those really busy streets in Switzerland as you do over there. but to me it doesn't seem difficult at all to just stay balanced whilst waiting for the lights to change. am i missing something?

  • Welcome to the club. It will make you hate the days you ever have to drive to work in a car. Riding in Miami now, while spring break is in full effect, easily saves me 20 mins each way, as traffic is constantly at a standstill.

  • @chabis I find the slower I go, the more difficult it is to stay balanced, and staying balanced when stopped is the most difficult. I'm pretty good at it now, but still sometimes I'll find I suddenly have to hop off because I suddenly lose my balance, usually from over-correcting.

    You might also ride with a higher wheel psi. I find with a lower psi (I prefer 14-15), the smoother the ride, but the more give there is from side to side when stopped and the harder it is to balance.

  • @chabis there are some long wait times to get across streets that are 4 lanes wide. It's not hard per say, but given a choice, I prefer to keep moving vs just balancing in place :)

  • @shaunabe why stop and balance? I roll back and forth while waiting for lights.. :) Much easier..

  • @parrothd said:

    @shaunabe why stop and balance? I roll back and forth while waiting for lights.. :) Much easier..

    I agree I do the same. More fun.... makes people go WTF even more.

  • Finally!!!! Awesome!

  • @parrothd if there is some space, I usually land up doing donuts or figure eights...

  • @parrothd On the subject of waiting at lights... I had to take an old, POS 15-pound Lenovo computer home last night to run some tests for work, and riding with that thing slung over my shoulder was throwing my balance completely off when I was stopped and waiting for the light to change. Even trying to go back and forth wasn't working out, and I kept having to suddenly jump off. All the people in their cars who were watching me must've been thinking "Damn, that think must be really hard to ride!"

    Kinda frustrating, kinda embarrassing.

  • I carry my laptop and crap in a backpack, my backpack was made to carry laptops.

  • @shaunabe I go in

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