I really want to buy one used anyone know where I can find one?

  • I really want to purchase a used one wheel. I am a college student that can afford the $1500 that a new one cost, if anybody knows where one is or if you have one please contact me.

  • unfortunately, new or used, I would be very surprised if you got one for much cheaper than retail

  • I you look you will find one. They come up all the time as people buy them then sometimes come into the reality that it is not for them. I have seen three in a month. Two on Ebay and one here. Its the way to save a hundred bucks (maybe) and get a board when you want. Good luck and just keep your eyes out :)

  • Any of those boards on eBay still open

  • @ridingawheelie Nope. One sold for $1350 used with scratches and the other one sold for $1400 new. The next one will likely sell for a bit more is my guess...

    Its a win win to own one in my opinion (used or new through Onewheel site) because if you sell it at some point, it will have only cost you the money difference to have rode it for as long as you did. This is why I bought another one. Its a no brainer in my opinion. I mean look at what is cost to go to Legoland for one day!

  • I am interested in selling my OneWheel. Please email me for details clarence@witsonlaw.com. Minimal use, will send pictures.

  • @cdeuce said:

    I am interested in selling my OneWheel. Please email me for details <redacted>. Minimal use, will send pictures.

    Damn dude, did you just post your e-mail address in plaintext on a public forum?! Be prepared for ALL the spam.

    I would strongly suggest removing it or obfuscating it.

  • @cdeuce Please remove that before it gets crawled and indexed for life so you get spammed. Just have someone direct message you. Like right now I just discovered that you live in Phoenix as well as I do and your phone number etc. I'm bummed your selling it though as I've never got to ride with anyone else. I'll let my local buddy know though who has been on the fence recently that lives out in Gilbert.

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