Motor stays engaged when jumping off

  • had this problem and it was the footpad slipping, had to put in the screws as well, haven't had the problem since

  • I had this happen 3 times in a row. After dismount, the board takes off at full throttle until it either hits something or flips on it's side (which finally disengages the motor). I emailed Support and eventually sent it back. They ran it through their "17 point" inspection process and proclaimed it is fine and in good working order. I have been asked to pay $80 in shipping costs as they did not find anything wrong. I will pay to get my board back and will video the dismounts in a safe environment and hope the issue has sorted itself out. If it has not, I will let the company and all of you know.

    For those of you who have experienced this situation, I understand how scary it can be. In essence, your board becomes and 15mph land missile and shoots away as you watch helplessly. I believe it poses an extremely dangerous situation and hope that the Company can pinpoint the cause and finds a solution.

  • I had the same problem as described since I replaced the footpads and sensor. The original sensor did not seem to have this problem. I suspect the new sensors are using a thicker plastic sheet or different adhesive which is causing the sensor not to disengage as quickly. Only my speculation...

  • The same issue has happened to me twice within the last 2 weeks. I call it the runaway board. This past Sunday I was cruising around 7-8 MPH (Extreme mode, batt at 60%) and suddenly the OW accelerated incredibly on it's own which caused me to be forced backwards and off the board. Unbelievably I was able to run it out, although crushed my right heel and seriously bruised now, on that first step off which caught me totally off-guard, but at least I did not hit the pavement. The board sped away from me at crazy speed and slammed into a guardrail, rolled over on it's side and then stopped. Have a small wood section missing now from the deck. Thankfully it did not ride right into the bay I was riding alongside! Emailed Carly and now the support address with no replies as of yet. Extremely unnerving experience and if there were bystanders around, easily would have broken some bones or worse. It has given me a lot to think about in regards to riding anywhere near others.....sort of spooked at this point.

  • @spring I would order a new foot sensor before riding anymore.

  • @J-Glide Agreed wholeheartedly! Just purchased this a month ago and it has the latest firmware so it is a 'newer' unit, but still suspect in regards to the sensor. I am extremely concerned as to why the board literally doubled in speed while my foot was absolutely and clearly covering both sensors evenly. I have learned my lesson about even the slightest shift or lift on the sensor while riding from prior nosedive with the sidewalk winning that battle! I ride ridiculously aware of my sensor foot staying planted, even though I'm reading you can come off 1 of the 2 sensors and be okay, my brain is trained to leave it flat. The acceleration when this happened was startling to be honest.

  • @golfer17 That was strange considering that the board was leaning back all the way, but still went forward. Looked like a glitch for sure!

  • @J-Glide it used to happen to Casey at 3:33

  • @golfer17 Mine did the EXACT same thing but it happened while I was riding comfortably and in control and then it decided to shoot out from underneath me, throwing me off backwards, and then continued for 40-50' and into a guardrail. Riding that OW in NYC, knowing it could take off on him at any moment, is certainly a risky move.

  • @spring in one of Casey's vlogs he revealed that it was a problem with the footpads..he got a new set of footpads and then it stopped happening

  • There's really nothing at all mysterious about this, its just a mechanical sensor in the foot pad and as with any mechanical switch, its going to be bad or go bad at some point and need to be replaced, that's why they sell the replacement pads. We've got two onewheels here and just had to order new pads for one of them because of this issue. But one thing we've learned from this is that there is always the potential for the foot pad sensor not to register a two foot jumping dismount, so it would be prudent for all onewheelers to assume this could happen and to not dismount the board in a way that could let it take off into traffic or god forbid into some unsuspecting pedestrian. So in other words, in the rare case that someone does need to do a two foot jumping dismount, they just need to be prepared to grab the board before it has a chance to take off, this is no big deal and should and does become second nature. Another thing worth noting is that the two foot jumping dismount should almost never happen to begin with at least for anyone who's been on the board for more than a day or two. When we see this practice continue its always because the rider has trouble lifting their heel enough to disengage the pad switch when trying to do a normal dismount and thus finds themselves in an awkward ballet looking move with the board still engaged. THERE IS A VERY SIMPLE SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM just rotate your lead foot at the heel to get your toes a little further to the front of the pad before your lift your heel to disengage the pad. This becomes second nature after a bit and virtually eliminates the need for a two foot dismount except in the case of an off balance fall in which case the board almost always flips or goes wonky and is thus not in a position to take off on its own even if the foot pad switch were to stick...

  • @SeaP90d I've done plenty of two foot jump dismounts and so have the people I've let ride and my board had always disengaged immediately. I'd say this is not something riders should worry about but if it happens, stop riding and contact support asap. They will help fix the board. This problem is not something any of us should have to worry about nor does fm want any of us to have boards that do this even randomly.

  • @spring the whole double in speed aspect that you are reporting is an entirely new and different issue than the board not disengaging while off sensors. The only reason the board would speed up unexpectedly is because of pushback which can end very badly if you don't relent and slow down. Normally though this is a big issue in classic mode and not in extreme. Classic pushback starts when the motor still has a lot of capacity so if you fight it, it will keep speeding up until you are basically riding nose up and tail down until you bail. Extreme pushback starts at a point where the motor doesn't have enough capacity to increase speed when you fight pushback so the rider can either balance on the edge of balance/nosedive or slow down. Not sure what happened to you but I would think the increase in speed and board taking off are two separate issues unless this is something totally new.

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  • @AK1122 and @spring Was your problem solved? One of my boards is in warranty now for this issue, but so far they apparently could not find anything wrong :-( I had both the motor taking off after 2 foot dismount from a dead stop and the more worrisome board taking off while you are simply riding straight on smooth pavement and in control. This board was practically new straight out of the box when I discovered it didn't behave like my other one.

  • @spring
    Have to agree. Riding in extreme near pedestrians is risky. Not worth hurting someone and possibly getting sued.

  • @frotozoa said in Motor stays engaged when jumping off:

    Have to agree. Riding in extreme near pedestrians is risky. Not worth hurting someone and possibly getting sued.

    I don't agree, I don't have any problems with that, I can ride and manouvre at 1km/h without any problems or risking to hit people.

    It just takes practice!

  • @frotozoa Yeah, that's opposite of the reality. The more experienced riders always try to steer beginners away from using Classic shaping at all. EVER. This is because the pushback (sudden speed-up) comes way too early and catches most riders off-guard, often resulting in a crash. This is not the type of board behavior anyone should want in crowded areas. Beginners who can't control their board shouldn't be riding in crowded areas anyway.

  • @thegreck
    I think you meant the opposite of your reality.

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