Oh no, it's raining.....PERFECT!

  • Tonight it's been raining here and I decided to test out onewheel in the rain via a four mile ride. My board rode perfectly the entire ride. Obviously I got soaked but it was well worth it. Going through puddles was extra fun.

    My only concern was when I got back there was some moisture and a little crud in the charge port and the power button felt a little crunchy when pressed. I decided to wait for some drying to occur before plugging it in. It would be nice to hear some official instructions on caring for the board when wet.

  • @Franky I agree. Got my board wet and it stopped working... Now I'm a bit gun shy... Wouldn't even turn on the next day... Just got it back. The good news I mailed it and got it back a week later :) I needed time to recover anyway... hurt toe, sore back, stuff shoulder... Joys of being over 40 with one of these... lol

  • I would imagine that it is either sealed tight or it isn't. Given mine made it okay through a lot of water I'm assuming I have a good seal. Your reply got me all nervous so I just made sure it is still working fine now that it is mostly dry. All was well and it's fully charged.

    Obviously sealing components isn't the easiest or most fool proof thing to do and the downside to a minuscule leak is so bad. I'd recommend future motion look into the process of coating the electronics in that liquid proof nano coating currently used to waterproof phones after market. That could be a good backup to faulty sealed casings.

  • I always wondered what could be done about the charge port and power button. Thinking maybe putting a small piece of duct tape over them. Anyone have any ideas?

  • @Franky I've had the same button "crunchiness" after riding around in a thunderstorm and then through the puddle aftermath. Didnt have any issues, but was def a little concerned the first time I depressed the button and it didn't pop all the way out.

  • I took the rubber tip off the door stop in my office and with a little strategic carving of the inside with an exacto blade, was able to snuggly fit it in place over the prongs without causing any mechanical stress to them. I will do some R/D over the weekend and see how much vibration it will stand. It would be nifty if the next gen's came with one of these in blue with the OW logo on it. image.jpg

  • image.jpg

  • image.jpg

  • This solution you can find on electric bikes

  • image.jpeg

  • @riofiume Looks like a great upgrade for the 2nd gen OW

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