Boosted Board VS OneWheel

  • I was introduced to Casey neistat through him being sent a onewheel and myself constantly searching for onewheel material. While he says OneWheel is the most fun to ride, he constantly rides a boosted board as his main mode of personal transportation.

    So I was thinking this weekend that clearly boosted must have the transportation specs down. I was guessing 20 miles range was the killer feature that made it a no brainer. But after checking out their website, I see that something like 6-7 miles as max range...which blew my guess out of the water. Maybe 15 pounds seemingly smaller make the difference? Or maybe it's the 20+mph with no fear of nosedive that helps? On the other hand my onewheel charges in half the time. And while I just watched a video of Casey talking about how boosted should not be ridden on a wet surface, today I had my second ride in the rain while my onewheel gripped the road amazingly even as I repeatedly went through standing water.

    I have money to spend but I'm also very frugal which means I'd buy a boosted but in some way it would need to be significantly better than ow. Weight I'm sure is a big thing for commuters but not me as I ride purely for enjoyment. So that seems to bring it down purely to speed and maybe the carefree ride of being on four wheels? 20+ mph is probably a big difference and while the ow tire can ride over much more, four wheels must feel instinctively more safe.

    On the other hand the fact that boosted rides poorly on a wet surface led alone rain seems like a major flaw given the range is similar. And when you ride into that dead end with only a gravel path over for boosted and not do with ow. And this isn't even bringing the intuitive nature af weight control vs remote control which clearly gives ow an advantage.

    I know some of you have both so I'm interested in your take. If boosted had double the range I could see a specific use case for myself on dry days. What do you think?

  • I don't own one and I've never ridden one, but owning a Onewheel has definitely sparked my interest in battery powered boards. I think the Boosted board has a lot of marketing behind it adding to the appeal. It's unique in that the motor is mounted in a way so that the gears and belts are hidden, thus making it appear more like a normal longboard to the casual observer. I remember reading about a Metro board that boasts a 40 mile range. Though if I remember correctly the larger battery means it's heavier and the gears and belts are mounted like typical electric skateboards as they are clearly visible. I'd love to get my hands on a 4 wheeled electric skateboard, although as you mentioned, due to their limitations, they could never substitute the experience of riding a Onewheel. It's really apples and oranges.

  • oh it's def the top speed, he said "as his main mode of transportation". the 1W isn't great transportation for a few reasons, yes distance is one of them, 6ish miles isn't really enough to use as transportation very often. and yeah the weight is a big issue too, after all you only ride to places, once you're there you gotta pick it up and walk inside, and damn is it heavy. but the real kicker is the speed, i basically only use my 1W as transportation when going less than a mile or two, any further than that and other forms of transportation tend to be faster...that doesn't cover a very wide variety of trips. it's kind of a bummer really, but it's first gen tech, a little better range, a slightly higher topspeed, and a lighter build and this thing would be a SICK ASS form of transportation. the real problem of course is that without the range the topspeed isn't much use, and vice versa

  • I have both (I love Electric vehicles of all sorts)

    I think you've nailed it with your assessment..

    1. faster -for commute, 22mph vs 15mph really helps
    2. safer - subjectively... I prefer zipping down the street on my boosted board than on my onewheel and worrying about nosediving (though it's never happened)
    3. less conspicuous - better for commuting
    4. lighter and easier to carry inside
    5. seems like less trouble traveling on airlines
    6. can still ride when battery dies

    still love the OW for trails, wet surfaces, and beaches!

  • Main experience with Boosted is watching folks pick them up at the first sign of bumpiness. Honestly would complicate my commute as there are a few non smooth bits, even in bike lanes.

    Biggest deal breaker is probably reports of dead zones for the wireless hand control particularly in busy cities like NYC. Also seems sensitive to water, so only suited to dry, smooth conditions, as other folks have pointed out.

  • If you're into speed, Boosted is your board.
    I have Metroboard and E-Go and love both.
    Many pass on the E-Go because it's 13mph top speed.
    My average speed is 12 mph when I'm cruising around so it does fine.
    Also, I find that it has the best feel remote control and solid connection.
    For a commute and errands, nothing beats the E-Twow booster.
    For fun in the town, electric skateboard.
    For the ultimate, it's the Onewheel.
    This thing is like magic.

  • @sonny123 I recently started commuting to work by train, and I needed a way to get to and from the station. I didn't want to deal with a bike for that, so if I wasn't riding the OneWheel, I'd be walking (which is is a lot of people's method of commuting).

    The OneWheel can handle all of the terrain that a person can walk, and more terrain than a Boosted Board; you can also go with the flow of pedestrian traffic when necessary (difficult to do on a bike or Boosted Board); and I get where I'm going in 1/4 the time as walking (without being covered in sweat).

    So for me, the OneWheel is hands down the best option for commuting. Plus, it's incredibly fun.

  • I commute with the onewheel everyday. I can see many places along my route that I'd be picking up a boosted board and walking for at least a few meters. The OW allows me to go door to door uninterrupted. Also its very easy to transition from riding in the street to riding on the sidewalk with pedestrians.


    These aren't out yet, but the specs look promising.... Swappable battery and a motor in the wheel (water proof, no belts, and easier to kick).

  • @scalthom Those look neat, but I just don't think I would be comfortable going that fast on skate wheels. What about when you roll up on a deceptively large crack or find that one pebble that's the right shape to cam up your wheel? And then you've got the speed wobbles, which I suppose can be surmounted; I never got good enough at longboarding to conquer them myself.

    If they could improve the motor in the OneWheel so that it could safely travel at 20+mph and extend the battery's range to 10-12 miles, I would be all over a version 2.0. We know that the current motor is artificially limited at 15 mph since plenty of users have learned to ride the limit between the top-speed pushback and where the motor can't keep up and nosedives. We don't actually know for sure that the motor can't keep up, actually. It might be programmed to shut down at that point to prevent overheating or otherwise causing damage to it, or to limit the company's liability somehow.

  • Hey, I'm not saying it's better than a Onewheel. I don't think anything can beat riding a Onewheel. As a pilot, I liken it to a helicopter vs plane.... So much more you can do with the helo, just like so much more you can do with a Onewheel. However, speed and range are negative factors to both.

    That being said, of any of the electric longboards out there, this one looks like the best.

  • Speed and range. I've owned 4 powered skateboards (Zboard, 2 Metroboards, Evolve carbon). Using the Evolve as an example, to be able to go 22 mph for 15 miles was handy. However, powered skateboards are much less safe than the OW to me. Cracks, sand, moisture can all make for a bad day on skate wheels. I was out carving (aggressively) on my Metro one morning. Mid-carve while I was really laid over I hit a damp patch on the road at 20+ mph. Before I knew anything was awry I was landing on my side/back and the back of my helmet was slamming into the pavement. I cracked a rib and got road rash on my ankle and knee. User error to be sure, but a reminder that skate wheels are unforgiving.

    I've sold off all my powered skateboards and strictly use my OW for short commutes and my Vintage Electric Tracker powered bike for longer commutes.

  • I had the same dilemma.... One wheel vs electric longboard. I'm glad I chose the Onewheel. I was looking to get an electric longboard eventually for a "longer commute vehicle," but these arguments do seem valid (I average around 8-10 mph long boarding and hit about 15 downhill... Which is a bit unsettling.... I wondered what it's like going 15 constantly). Anyways, a bit off topic, but I have considered an e bike.... Anyone familiar with those Sonders bikes?

  • @scalthom I've never ridden one. I tried a Prodecotech before getting my Vintage. I LOVE my Vintage. Tons of power and hand built like a tank. They are spendy, but you get what you pay for.

  • @scalthom I get what you're saying and agree that of the powered longboards that are available (or soon to be), this seems to be the best choice. I've been enjoying the off-road capabilities of my OneWheel more and more since getting it a few weeks ago as my confidence, skill, and strength have improved. Compared to the vast majority of you guys, I live in an extremely rural area and a powered longboard would be a most impractical purchase. I have to say, though, as my riding progresses I am more and more pleased every day with my decision to purchase a OneWheel.

  • From the Boosted board manual. Most of these are no problem for OW


  • @w1ngy with a few small mods, that could be a great ad for OW :+1:

    Things not to fear on your OW.

  • Thanks all for the feedback.

    After having a onewheel for 9 months, I mainly see boosted boards limitations for my use case. I bet for someone living in NYC, boosted works best for commuting because you can easily grab a cab or uber when it has rained and the speed/weight make a big difference for getting around and hauling it at destinations.

    One thing nobody has mentioned is riding at night. Does boosted have good enough lights to do this. I love night riding on onewheel and go every night to relax during the summer.

    I could see having a boosted as an extra toy but for my purposes I'm guessing it wouldn't get a fraction of use compared to my ow. Guess I'll look into ebikes for that longer range.

  • I would say that the z-oard is a possibility for you. But of course OneWheel is the best choice (have have just ordered one ) :)

  • @Franky said:

    One thing nobody has mentioned is riding at night. Does boosted have good enough lights to do this.

    The graphic that @w1ngy posted says to avoid riding it at night, and I'm pretty sure the Boosted Board doesn't have any lights unless you add them, does it? I recall on one of Casey Neistat's vlogs he installed LEDs under his, but those were the only lights on it.

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