Boosted Board VS OneWheel

  • @Zero Nice review/comparison.

    I come from electric skateboard backround.
    Started many years ago with the 50lbs E-Glide and then the lighter ones..
    If I were to summarize the OW in one word, it would be Smoothness.
    Of course there are bunch of other factors that makes OW what it is.
    When they ask me, how do you turn?
    I just say, you just think about it.
    I don't do dirt and grass much, nor I go above 9-10 mph and I still enjoy the heck out of it.
    Something about the ride that just 'does it"...

  • @sonny123

    Comparing your onewheel to an e-glide, you think there would still be a purpose in owning an e-glide?

    Or is it just not as fun and you find yourself taking your OW out all the time over your e-glide?

  • @zonk117

    e-glide was good at the time. It was all there was.
    Weight is massive and there are better lighter boards.

  • Any updated thoughts on this thread? I'm TORN between a OW+ and Boosted v2 HELP???

  • @rockandroll21 I don't know about you, but I come across bumps, cracks, and other obstacles in my city. I know my Onewheel can handle most situations I come across and if not I can maneuver around them pretty well. I don't think I could say the same about electric longboards. At the end of the day, I look for excuses to ride my Onewheel. Riding the Onewheel feels like an extension of the body because you control it with your feet and your legs. You lean into turns with your shoulders. It is invigorating.

  • @rockandroll21 said in Boosted Board VS OneWheel:

    Any updated thoughts on this thread? I'm TORN between a OW+ and Boosted v2 HELP???

    Definitely go with a onewheel plus.

    Just because it's the most FUN to ride. Twenty five minute charge time is awesome too. It's like you can ride it all day long really... just take little break to read or get coffee. I don't really like the thought of going above twenty miles per hour anyway.... way too easy to seriously get hurt. Just google the people who have crashed in electric longboards. There is a movie about it now. You don't hear that as often about onewheel riders. It's hard to put into words the way a onewheel makes you feel in control because there is no controller. It feels like an add on to your body. You become one with the Board, and you begin to love it over pretty much everything. Its weird how it grows on you. I'd imagine it would be the opposite with longboards. Still.... in today's world, neither would be a bad choice. Not sure if I'd go with boosted though.... go on the electric longboarding Reddit. Good discussions. Be sure to check out evolve or something that can go off road an over bumps easy. Things will be slightly biased here, but that's okay, we know we all made the best decision. Nothing can replace a onewheel. They are magic.

  • Whenever I take my Metroboard out, I love it. But somehow OW get good 25 rides for every e board ride.
    Speed is the least important factor here.
    We're out cruising and that thing is like youre floating around.

  • Most of that is user issues.

  • If you want something lighter, easier to carry, aren't riding a lot of rough or uneven terrain and you prefer a higher top speed, you may prefer boosted. If you aren't concerned about the heavier weight of the Onewheel, and/or you're riding (or want to ride) on uneven terrain, OW is the way to go. I strongly prefer the fun factor of the OW. Boosted boards are great but I just don't get the same pump from them.

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