Boosted Board VS OneWheel

  • Some feedback from a boosted board owner who'd considered getting a one wheel and would like to get one at some point (but has currently never ridden one.)

    To start, the thing no one has mentioned that I like the most about my boosted board is the flexibility of the board. The board is bamboo and has no electronics in the middle so it flexes a lot which gives it a more fun, snowboard feel when carving on it (vs. other electric boards, not necessarily vs. one wheel which as I understand it also has a great carving feel.) The boosted board also has awesome torque from the dual 1000W motors on both wheels for great acceleration and top speed. The combination of great carving and speed makes it a lot of fun. I ride mine recreationally and ride it carving around pretty fast...based on the app I use, I average 17-18mph and hit a top speed of 25mpg (downhill) while going a distance of 4.5 miles in a typical joy ride carving down the pavement. That's full battery to completely dead in about 15 minutes. Longer battery life would be nice, but not if it made the board heavier, slower, or you lost the flex in the board. As it stands after 15 minutes of riding hard like that I don't mind a break and letting it recharge.

    The biggest appeal to me of the one wheel would be the ability ride it on much more varied terrain. I am lucky to have easy access to smooth, lightly traveled neighborhood streets that are great for riding the boosted board but it would be a lot of fun to have something I could take offroad in much more varied terrain. I'm not sure I'd opt to ride much in the rain, but I agree the boosted is NOT good for that. You will slip immediately on wet pavement and any water splashed into the electronics could ruin the board.

    If I could justify having both, I'd love to have a one wheel for the more varied usage, but I have no regrets on getting the boosted board. I think it's a lot of fun as well just different.

  • @scalthom said:

    These aren't out yet, but the specs look promising.... Swappable battery and a motor in the wheel (water proof, no belts, and easier to kick).

    I'm looking at the onewheel right now but I'm not going to lie... that monolith looks sick!!! The swappable battery is kind of full of awesomeness. Thanks for the link I didn't even know that existed. The speed and range on that thing are great also. Tough decision.

  • Banned

    Have to agree. The 6-7 miles range is laughable. 1992 called and wants their batteries back LOL

  • Electric skateboard and Onewheel are 2 different games.
    Been riding electric skateboards since the 50 lbs E-Glide. It's fun and all.
    But once you ride Onewheel, it's a new kind of experience.
    The range is fine with me. I'm getting 5 miles + at 220 lbs.
    My only issue has to do with me.
    I'm hitting the big 50 soon and not what I used to be.
    I can cruise around at low speed and that's it.
    Still fun though..

  • For me the biggest differance between a BB and a OW is that the BB is a plain transport device. The OW instead is a real board sport if you ride it like a snowboard on the street.
    I never tried a boosted board, but I would realy like to step on one to get the feeling. Which skater didn't dream of a boosted board when they didn't exist, must be freakin owesome.
    But, it's just a thought.
    I'm a Owheeler to the bone! lol

  • @w1ngy You mean something like this? :D

  • @germx you should make stickers :D

  • @germx that is awesome.

  • @germx You could even go so far as to say "Fun things to ride on with your OneWheel."

  • @methodz, I have no regrets with the Onewheel. Like what others have stated, it depends on what you're looking for. Something to have an absolute blast on? Go Onewheel. A convenient means of transportation that has a fun factor? Electric skateboard.

  • @davew0815 thanks for your feedback. Obviously boosted makes a great product that anyone would be happy to have. I've noticed the flexing of the board in some of the videos and I can imagine how that would add to the fun but since carving and all terrain are so much fun on ow, I'm guessing the speed is the thing us ow owners are missing since range is equal.

    Onewheel's sealed components came through for me again today with a ride in the rain.

  • @germx Nice!

  • I'm hooked on the onewheel. I haven't ridden a BB but it's hard to imagine that it carves like my OW. I am a snowboarder and I like to shred the streets and sidewalks of San Antonio and I love how quickly I can brake and cut sharply to one side and accelerate away. If I'm going more than 3 miles I'll bring my charger. That being said, I really really really want to go 20+ miles an hour on it! Please onewheel make a 2.o version that will go faster. I'll sign the waivers!

  • @donny-h I've hit 21mph on my Onewheel lol

  • @njcustom downhill I guess? :-)

  • @Tartopom nope.. Flat ground.. Down hill won't make you go any faster ... You just have to balance yourself real good at those speeds..

  • @njcustom how can you do that? The motor can't go so fast i think

  • @Tartopom said in Boosted Board VS OneWheel:

    @njcustom how can you do that? The motor can't go so fast i think

    It's not recommended, but it is possible. First you have to fight through the pushback, then ride on the brink of disaster.

  • @Tartopom it's not recommended lol.. The motor makes a really loud growl too when you go that fast.. I thought I broke it the first time lol

  • @njcustom We went on our fastest run yet on our last meetup (that will be in my next edit). Three of us rode the Santa Monica boardwalk at top (recommended) speed, fighting pushback the whole way. It was really fun, but also pretty scary.

    A few people actually crashed their bikes watching us go by.

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