A day at the office with Onewheel

  • This thing is not only fun but also most useful. For any day of good enough weather - even in the winter if there is less snow around - Onewheel is the best possible way to get to the office from the car park a few blocks away, get through the office to my work desk and get to lunch with parking being what it is in Helsinki. Also, there is a lot of cobblestone streets in Helsinki that not even roller blades can cope with, and bicycle traffic on the other hand is restricted to designated routes. Onewheel fortunately is street legal comparable to pedestrians and is thereby allowed anywhere, while also being allowed on bicycle routes due to its max speed. There simply is no more efficient, fun or stylish way to get around than Onewheel - even without tricks and stuff.

    • And you do get a lot of turning heads and thumbs up passing by :)


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