Foot Cramps

  • Hey everyone. I have had my OW for a week now and I love it beyond reason BUT my feet are in agony. So much so, that I have to get off the board and stretch my foot out every 10 mins. It happens just with my back foot and seems to get worse at high speeds when the board pitch up is so high that most of my weight is on the back foot because if I put weight on the front than the board would continue to accelerate and throw me off. The cramp is mainly localized right on the balls of my feet just south of my toes.

    I have tried different shoes and different insoles and the problem has not gone away. My front foot is perpendicular to the long axis of the board with my toes hanging over and my back food is the same but the toes are not over the end of the foot pads.

    Does anyone know of any other solutions or maybe perhaps these cramps will go away with time? How do you guys and gals ride (foot position)?

  • I ride with a similar stance to my skateboarding or snowboarding stance, like:

    | . . . /

    \ . . . /

  • This is why I was asking about shoes in another thread because I have the same issue after a few miles. Sidewalks seem to make it worse with the constant bumps in the cracks every few feet. Some guys say it gets better with time, others have it too, once switched shoes, etc. I may try something with more cushion and sole support.

    I ride regular, my front left food stays close to 90 degrees to the board or a little more toe pointed forward. My back foot moves all the time with turns and stuff. Both seem to hurt equal.

    Are you riding in Beginner mode still? I find it a little odd that you're back foot only has it happen. It almost sounds like you're making the board balance more for you and your center of gravity is off. I had this happen first day or so I almost rode around in a wheelie stance scraping the tail at times.

  • I don't think you're doing anything wrong. I just think your feet have to get conditioned to this new activity. Mine were sore like that at first as well. Flat, thick bottom shoes (like Vans) helped. Slowly over time, it has gone away. Keep experimenting with foot placement to see what works best for you. I prefer to hang my rear toes off the board and keep my front toes back on the grip tape (somewhat of an open stance). But YMMV. I remember back when I first started, every now and then I would suddenly find a sweet spot of foot placement that just felt right. That will become more common for you the more you do it.

  • I agree that it is just going to happen no matter. However I think your feet may get accustomed to it and there are things you can do to help.

    First off when approaching top speed you should just back off and ride at more evenly on each foot. Sounds almost like you are still in classic and your back foot is getting sore trying to fight pushback.

    Secondly I've been able to manage the discomfort better by positioning one foot with toes off the board and the other evenly centered. The foot with toes off has all heal pressure while the evenly centered foot has pressure resting more toward the toes. Turning in this stance works well as each foot helps in different directions. Then after a while your heel will be sore on the one foot and the toes on the other. At that point you switch which foot has toes off and which is centered for a fresh start.

    Third, footwear can help but I don't think it's totally solved anyone's issues. I have just as much success with a padded flip flop as I've had with contoured sport shoes.

  • @veryous said:

    I just posted in that thread, but the jist was that my New Balance Minimus super-lightweight shoes are awesome! They are really snug, so when I move my foot, the board moves. But they are also so thin that I a great feel for the board and I get much less soreness and cramping. They feel great!

  • @kbern the only problem is if I make a GoPro video, everyone will think it's you. Haha.... They look nice though seriously

  • @J-Glide haha. Yeah, I took it out with the Minimus' again today and I am just so much more comfortable and "one" with the board.
    BTW, I think that part of the cramping is that on my traditional longboard, one foot is always coming off to kick/stop, so it's fine, and the other foot I can move around/walk around while rolling to change up my position a bit, whereas on the OW I'm paranoid about moving that front foot at all due to the sensors! lol

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