Motor doesn't kick in on mount

  • Does this ever happen to anyone? You place your OneWheel on the ground, click the power button, step onto the board and attempt to bring it to level, and instead of the self-balancing mechanism kicking in, you just keep going and fall of the other end of the board??

    This has happened to me 3 times in the past few days, and it's making me hesitant when I try to mount it now. I want to trust that it's going to do what it's supposed to do, not throw me off immediately. (Also, I've been riding for 3 months, so I'm not a newbie at it.)

  • I often have the same problem.. It's a bit embarrassing when you're showing someone how good it is..

  • @thegreck I've noticed this happens when I switch sides the sensor is on (as in left foot on sensor instead of right). Even though I think my foot is providing weight to both sensors, it really isn't. As soon as I focus on keeping my foot flat and try it, then it works. Maybe this is your problem too.

  • You need to do the push test before trying to mount. Turn it on, then with your foot give the board a shove. When it's ready it won't roll..

  • It could be:

    1.) The board wasn't at rest properly on the ground when powered on (in which case you get warning blinks).

    2.) The shoes you are wearing. I just noticed the other day that a new pair of shoes with what appears to be completely flat bottoms doesn't play well with the OW sensor. I actually thought for a bit the board was having an issue, but it turned out to be the shoes.

  • @J-Glide Thanks, but I always ride with the sensor on the same foot (right foot, and I ride goofy), and this only happens when I've just turned it on. I'm wondering if there's some kind of time I need to wait until it's ready? Maybe I'm hopping on too quickly and need to wait until the light is blinking?

  • @thegreck It could be, or maybe you inadvertently do the same thing as I do riding your regular way. I think Parrothd, and lynnpreston may be onto something too.

  • @lynnpreston I always make sure it's on level ground and that it's completely rested before powering it on, and I'm always wearing skate shoes. It never happens if I've been riding for a while, only just after I first power it on.

    I'm thinking I need to do what @parrothd said, because I'm probably hopping on before it's fully ready.

  • @DavidJohn said:

    I often have the same problem.. It's a bit embarrassing when you're showing someone how good it is..

    Exactly!! That's the worst part. I never feel like I'm going to hurt myself, only my ego.

  • Once in a blue moon it happens to me.. But I think it's because I'm not totally on both sensors..

  • It's happened to me a couple times but I was out on steep trails both times. If I recall right, I hopped off the board to take a look around and left the OW powered on during this time. Then when I mounted the board I got this result, which prompted me to power it off and on and that seemed to fix it.

  • When showing off, try putting it down on the ground and turning on then push it with your foot, it'll roll a few feet then stop. Then walk over and hop on, looks way cool! 😀

  • I've had it happen a few times but I've always just assumed one of the following happened:

    1. The board was already on and I just shut if off instead of on.
    2. The board wasn't leveled properly.
    3. The board needed to be reset for some reason.
      When this happens I'll hold the power button down and watch for the lights to come on and then ride away.

    I cannot say I remember this happening after pressing power and observing the power indicator and LED lights on. So typically I go through the routine of setting the board down in a level place, making sure none of the lights or LEDs are already on, pressing the power button, observing the lights are on, then riding away without problems. If I set the board down and see lights are already on I'll attempt to reset the board by holding power until lights go off and then back on again before riding away.

  • As an update to this, I've figured out the problem, and it was definitely user error. Stupid user error.

    I've been doing @parrothd 's push test after I first turn it on before mounting, and this morning when I pushed it with my foot, it just rolled. Pushed it again, and it rolled. So I bent down to look at the light and realized the board wasn't on. I guess sometimes when click the button a little off-center and think I've turned it on, I haven't.

    The lesson here is: Always make sure the board is on before mounting, and don't be a n00b.

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