Motor jitters at high speed

  • In the last couple days, I'm getting a problem where at high-speed the motor makes these little jittering motions, like it's engaging and disengaging really fast. It almost feels like riding over little bumps, except I'm not.

    I'm just riding straight on flat terrain, with Extreme Shaping enabled, plenty of battery.

    I've had my OW for about a month, always taken good care of it, etc. Anyone else had a similar issue?

  • @j_r If you read your owners manual, it tells you that the electric motor jittering is the equivalent of red line for an internal combustion motor. In other words, that is as fast as the motor can go and you are on the verge of a disaster. I hope that helps, and I would not push it that fast if I were you.

  • @j_r That sounds like pushback if you ask me.
    Maybe you are just getting more confident and riding faster than you had been?
    If not pushback you should post a video for us to see.

    To my knowledge pushback works by speeding up faster than it needs to keep you balanced.
    This basically pushes your center of gravity back while the nose goes up.
    Then as your momentum is going back you end up breaking or slowing down and re-balancing as pushback stops.

    I feel pushback in extreme is effective at keeping myself at 13mph give or take. But if I'm trying to ride fast and butting against pushback, the nose will be going up and down as pushback kicks in and as I respond by slowing down over and over again.

  • @j_r i'm glad you posted this. I've wondered the same thing. It's strange that it's not a traditional pushback as I sometimes experience in Extreme. It's like I've reached redline too fast for a smooth pushback, so it eeks out the digital jitter you've described. Glad I'm not alone. As I've become more comfortable at top speed, I wish there were a higher speed limit for the straight line trips I sometimes take.

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