• If you park your OneWheel and go somewhere how do you prevent other people from using or stealing it?

  • @Cam you don't.

  • There isn't a lockout feature at this time, unfortunately. It seems like something that could be accomplished with the app, though, and there is certainly a consensus that this would be a desirable feature, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

    If you're going into a store you can ask nicely at the customer service counter if they'll keep it behind the counter for you if you're comfortable with that.

    Maybe find a cable lock that will fit between the tire and the frame that you feel is robust enough and you can can chain it to a bike rack or post. Those cables with looped ends that you secure with a separate padlock might work best if you're just trying to deter more than causal thievery. If your concern is very justified a U-lock would work probably work fine, but as with a bike, your fixed object options will be more limited. If you're just concerned about people messing around with it, one of those super wimpy 4-digit combination cable locks would fit through the gap easily.

    Or you can carry it with you.

  • @bmtka I usually throw it into a shopping cart if I go into a store. Some daredevils just ride it through the store.

  • @thegreck That's a much better idea. I haven't actually had the occasion to patronize any large businesses while out and about on my OneWheel yet. When I do, I will use your suggestion. I'll wait until visiting two or three towns over before audaciously rolling in on my mighty steed fully expecting to be thrown out.

  • Thanks @bmtka and @thegreck

  • I got one of these from Burton.
    Cost about 10-15$, and its small enough to have in your pocket, and it makes the grab and run with one onewheel impossible.
    Highly recommended.


  • It's tricky, but you can make an Abus Bordo folding lock work.

    It is about as secure as you can get.

  • I made sure my insurance would cover me if it got stolen, so that's a bit of a weight off my mind, but it would still be pretty gutting. Has anyone thought about something like one of these things? Do you think they'd work?

  • @AdamDoubleG Wow, that trackr thing looks like a great idea! I think I'm going to get one if I can figure out a good place to stick it so they don't just pluck it off and toss it.

  • It looks like they rely on other people having the app downloaded as well as you, which limits the functionality somewhat. If I lost my OW, I'd have to beg everyone I know to download the app and keep their bluetooth on as they go about their business!

    I've also just read about this, which could be even better (when they actually start making them):

  • @AdamDoubleG Oh man, I hadn't gotten very far into digging into the specifics, but that sounds quite lame if it's true. I wouldn't want to have to contact anyone, I'd just want to know where my OW was.

  • @thegreck Yeah, that's pretty much exactly what I thought too. One of their websites has a GPS crowd map so you can see how densely populated your city is with users, which might make a difference to whether you think it'd be effective or not.

  • @AdamDoubleG Ahhh... great info, thanks! Looks like Southern California is pretty well covered, so I might actually give this a shot!

  • @thegreck said:

    @AdamDoubleG Wow, that trackr thing looks like a great idea! I think I'm going to get one if I can figure out a good place to stick it so they don't just pluck it off and toss it.

    I take amazon reviews with a grain of salt, but they at least give you some ideas about the problems you might face if you buy the product. The Tile has far better reviews than the TrackR. The trackR has a 17% one-star rating and a 60% five-star rating to the Tile's 9% one-star and 67% five-star rating. Both have the same complaint: inconsistent connectivity with the phone, and inaccurate location because of this. With the tile it seems that once you mark the item as lost, you can't ping from your phone anymore. I almost bought one, but I'm going to hold off for a little while and see how much I need one...

  • I just use my heavy duty Kryptonite U-lock and it works great. Stick it in my belt by my back pocket and lock my OW up to the bike rack.

    They actually guarantee up to a $3,000 bike from getting stolen so I'm pretty confident using it with my OW.

  • @hekkubus I have both Tiles and TrackRs. Tiles work flawlessly and don't drain my phone battery. Trackr's app drains my battery on Android.

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