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  • Does anyone know if OWs are allowed on resort properties. We are going on Friday (Mar18), but I couldn't find anything that specifically said that they are off limits for the resort. Obviously, they can't be brought to the park, and the rules say that about the park, but I couldn't find anything that said that skateboards or roller blades or anything like that would be prohibited. Anyone been there with a OW? Thanks

  • I would have to imagine that Disney Security is worse than TSA. Ideally, if they didn't let you in with it, they can let you check it at the gate, which would make the 3 mile ride to and from your car in the parking lot worth bringing a Onewheel.

  • @forzabucks Agree that DW security would be tough to sneak it by. I'm strictly talking about around the resort where we're staying, which is on Disney properties.

  • @hekkubus I wasn't able to find a resort-specific list for Disney World, but it looks like the lists for the resort are basically the same as the parks, which prohibit most every type of motorized vehicle that might make it quicker and easier for humans to get around, besides wheelchair/handicap vehicles.

    Here's a list for the Disneyland Resort, which I imagine is the same for both places:

  • At the risk of answering a question you didn't ask - we always stay at the Omni Orlando at Championsgate. I take my OW and ride around the property and along the cart path of the golf course. We love that resort and have been going since it opened back in 2004. You can even ride over to the stores/restaurants less than a mile away.

    I have a vague recollection of riding my Zboard around a Disney property a few years ago, but I can't say for sure.

    Parks are obviously a no go.

  • @lynnpreston Sorry that I wasn't clear about what I meant by "resorts." We are staying at the Art of Animation. I'm thinking about packing it and riding on the back sidewalks. It'll be a game-time decision. Thanks for the answers.

  • @hekkubus Let us know how it goes!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @thegreck I only had the chance to ride one night, and it was great. The Art of Animation has a huge lake and a walking path that goes all the way around it. It's probably a half mile or so around. Got a lot of stares and even a "That's really cool," from an older lady sitting on a bench. Towards the end, a security guard on a bike pulled out in front of me from the Pop Century resort. He looked back, made clear eye contact, and kept on peddling, so I'm assuming that they don't care as long as you aren't being wild or aggressive.

  • ALWAYS plead ignorant.

    back when Stand up paddle boarding was gaining popularity it was a goal to say you had paddled a place first. Luke Hopkins, who is an original OW backer, had an awesome shot of himself featured in a magazine. He was paddling the reflecting pool in front of the Washington monument. His was something like "I told them I didn't know it was illegal, they said "you do now.""

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