Pay Problems

  • Hey Guys I have just ordered a OneWheel and I wanted to know if you had problems with your order too. I have got Confirmation Number #2960 but Future Motion says that it hadn't gone through... Hope that I haven't payed yet...I actually though that everything was alright because I even got a confirmation E-Mail ... :(

  • @vafreak I haven't seen anyone making this complaint before. Check your card online to see if any payments have gone through; it's possible you mis-typed something when placing the order and it didn't go through.

  • Yeah, my situation is similar. I paid on 03/04, and it still has not posted in my bank account. I emailed them a few days ago and was advised it went through; also that I would get another confirmation email. It still has not posted in my account but I'm not sure what is the normal process.

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