'OWG' The bespoke OneWheel Guard

  • So i've been thinking about this for a while, a simple device that you can fit to your OneWheel that protects it from getting damaged/scratched (beyond the damage we've probably all inflicted on it so far learning to ride it)

    I've visited a few companies with potential ideas, got quotes in, shelved the worst ones and i now want to get feedback in from owners as to whether one particular idea has legs/wheels?!

    So the 'OWG' would be a bespoke moulded OneWheel case produced of rubber that - in exactly the same way a smart phone case fixes to a smart phone and protects it - will protect your OneWheel from scratches, dinks, etc, will safe guard the look of your OneWheel and if you decide to sell your board in the future will help you get the best price for it.

    The material i've looked into is a rubber compound that has excellent resistance to heat, water, steam, weathering and ozone, and is widely used in the automotive industry.

    The 'OWG' will be not be a clumsy design, it will be as slimline as it can be to still offer protection. It will fit around the frame of the OneWheel and the underside of the footpads. It will infact offer increased braking for those times when you need it when you're heading downhill and need to pull up quicker than expected - as was the case for me yesterday

    What I'm proposing to do if the interest is there is to offer the first 100 customers the chance to buy one at cost (plus shipping) which i reckon will be around the £65 or $93 mark, this in effect will pay for the tooling of the unique mould and the first 100 'OWG' cases.

    I'm as happy to hear that this is a stupid idea as i am to hear that it isn't and that it has a need. If it is wanted then in theory i could have the first 100 made and shipped within 2 months.

    Look forward to recieving your thoughts

  • @Jimmers75 Whoa. Cool idea, would be interested to see how this looks. Also, if you'd be offering different colors as iPhone cases do.

  • @thegreck Hi buddy thanks for the feedback, I believe the compound can be mixed to offer different colours

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