WFT I was going along and bang I was on the road ......

  • I was going for two miles , I felt push back and slowed down. I was going and with zero warning I went flying forward. It was quite scary my legs , hands and elbow are torn up. Does anyone know what this is or what I did ?????

  • Alot of the times it's user error.. Did you happen to come off the sensor?

  • My foot never moved, first there was push back and then 90 sec later i went flying. Very confusing

  • I have never experienced it on my board, but when my buddy rode it he nosedived full speed 3x in one session. I think it's an issue with trying to push through the pushback. At a certain point, the engine can't keep up anymore and gives way. I've found it works best to accelerate fast up to about 15mph, then gradually accelerate to top speed. Hope that helps.

  • I guess I should be in extream mode then, I liked the control in basic mode. I am guess that was why I nosedived.

  • Classic mode is dangerous if you ask me.. Pushback is very early..

  • Say no to classic mode. They should call classic "Dangerous mode" and extreme "utopia Mode". Just saying...

  • @MichaelW said:

    Say no to classic mode. They should call classic "Dangerous mode" and extreme "utopia Mode". Just saying...

    HA HA HA... So true !

  • Yea I've never tried classic. Only extreme and elevated and haven't had any issue like that.

  • I never noticed any difference in control between basic and extreme mode. Definitely switch to extreme. You won't ever look back.

  • @njcustom said:

    Alot of the times it's user error.. Did you happen to come off the sensor?

    This kind of thing happened to me about three days after I started riding. I was in classic mode and going moderately fast around a paved walking track. I hadn't moved my foot or anything that I could tell. I was carving one moment and face planting the next. I hit hands and face. It was not good. Bruised my face pretty badly and came close to blacking out. I've since moved to extreme mode and so far have not had anything like that happen.

  • @hekkubus ouch..not good.. The pushback in classic mode is killer

  • Yea, just got mine this week and got pushback in classic mode. Didn't know what was happening, very scary. I was going uphill slightly on a wide paved promenade and when it leveled out it started accelerating on it's own. I'm switching to extreme based on the comments here, thanks.

  • @lisapizza Good idea

  • @liferomp we have all had this happen to us and it always seems like the board shut down while we were doing everything right. The only reason I cannot logically think it isn't always rider error is that it happens less and less with more experience. I've now gone on hundreds of rides without it happening which tells me I did something wrong that I didn't realize I did. I agree with those wanting the app to give some sort of log or reason for cutting power. Obviously not very helpful when you purposely step off but after a fall it would be helpful. I'm guessing though this will never happen to avoid lawsuits in the one in a million chance the board crashes while riding.

    Make sure your sensor foot is straight across covering both sensors and be careful not to lean past motor capacity and this happening will be a thing of the past.

  • @Franky Agreed. You can see this happening in the extended cut of my #shredlikeagirl submission. Starting at about the 18" mark is the part where you see my front foot coming off the sensor before I blissfully crash into the riverbed sand... but seriously, such a fun day that was...

    I'd have several crashes similar before then, but after watching my mistake on video a number of times, it hasn't happened since.

    I'm not saying that the board won't shut down and endo-chuck your unexpected ass for, like, no reason whatsoever... because I still don't trust that it won't, but that is why I always, ALWAYS, wear a helmet when riding the thing more than 100m or so.

    EDIT: fixed the link

  • I had the same thing happen to me before in extreme mode. Back when I had my board I had the really bad habit of wearing flip flops and quite often they'll slip all over the place.

    So no matter what, wear shoes.

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