Very wobbly

  • Why is my onewheel really shaky?? And pushes back real easy too.?

  • @bjuarez1 Have you just started learning to ride? If so, that's normal, and it's not the OneWheel that's shaky, it's you. It takes a while to get used to balancing on it.

  • @bjuarez1 Also be sure you're in Extreme shaping mode. Every experienced rider on this forum will tell you to avoid Classic shaping, even when learning. It's proven to be more dangerous than helpful given that the pushback happens at such a slow speed.

  • I've been riding for about month now but didn't really struggled in the beginning. Yes, I do have it in the beginner mode which does push back a lot and make it harder for me to stop when it just take off. I'll give it a shot with extreme mode see if the wobbly disappears. Thanks man. @thegreck

  • @bjuarez1 Yeah if you're riding in Classic, I'd say that's likely the reason for the shaking and early pushback. The mantra on the forums is: avoid Classic at all costs. Switch to Extreme and suddenly a whole new world opens up.

  • @bjuarez1 Check your tire pressure.

  • @Code-ster @bjuarez1 This could be your problem. At too high of tire pressure the OneWheel feels very 'pointy' and hard to control when you're starting out because of the over responsiveness . Too low and it will be squishy and unresponsive. This will vary depending on your body weight, but 14-16 psi is a good place to start. Get a decent digital tire gauge, too.

  • I'm 2 days into my OW life and also experiencing the wobbles. Tried in both extreme and elevated mode. Tire pressure is whatever the factory set it to but it feels pretty hard. Do you suggest letting some air out? I'm an experienced board rider FWIW.


  • Btw I weigh 160

  • Suggest checking tire pressure, that makes a big difference in the wobble factor. At 210# I like 15.5 - 16 psi, others find that too high. Max recommended psi for these tires is 20, so maybe start at 16 or 17 and let a little air out until you find a psi that's more stable for you.

  • Mode settings won't change the wobbles.. tire pressure will tho.. Im 190 pound and ride at 17psi..

  • @groovyruvy you should be over 17psi if you're 210 pounds.. it's a smoother and more predictable ride with more air pressure. Low air makes it bouncy and wobbly..

  • @njcustom thank you. Me likey 15.5-16 psi, any higher just doesn't feel as good.

  • Lower your PSI and it will be night and day. I'm 165lbs and ride about 13psi.

  • @groovyruvy @jeffmccosker I've been riding over a year and spent a few months testing air pressures.. when I first started riding, low pressure was absolutely a must.. as I progressed i started testing out higher pressures.. the tire is basically a square shape.. at low pressure it flops side to side because it's less square. Higher pressures keeps the tire square and stable.. also high pressure is more predictable to bumps or curbs.. after testing my daily routine ride for a few months I feel harder is better.. of course to each their own, but if you haven't done some good testing I suggest you do.. for a long time I liked lower pressure but now I'm noticably more stable at 17-18 then 14-15.. and better mileage

  • The wobbly feeling can also be you ankles/muscles getting used to the fine control needed. Your body has never done this before. Until it becomes muscle memory you are probably over compensating for every movement. Just like learning to balance on a bike or anything else.

  • When I first got mine every little movement was very shaky. It wasn't until I rode it for a little while that the shaking stopped and my fast twitch muscles started to compensate for the balance issues. I would ride, carve and haul ass nightly until I could barely walk, from my feet and lower legs being sore.

    I now notice it every time I let a new person try it out. Their legs/feet shake like a leaf! Keep riding, and after about a week your legs will figure it out.

  • @noahsw mess with the tire pressure but I bet you that since you are new to riding that your legs are still getting used to balancing on the board. It will go away with a few days of riding.

  • I feel the (same ?) wobble as well. However only when on hard surface, like concrete and going faster, not when slow. Makes me quite weary to push the speed up. On sand or grass it seems much smoother, but I'm not going as fast of course. I wondered if the tire might be off balance. Does Onewheel tire ever get balanced?

  • @borist I don't think the tyre needs balance.
    Just practice and you'll notice the wobble dissapears...

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