Unaffordable from down under

  • I'm also a New Zealander keen to buy one but baulking at the US$300 shipping cost. If only there was a local distributor or someone prepared to import some in bulk....

  • Thanks for the thorough review awakekiwi,
    I am in a similar situation here in Australia.
    I was wondering 4 things if you had the time.
    -Would you use the trotter as a commuter?
    -What kind of real world range do you get?
    -How long does it take to remove/install the batteries?
    -You mentioned that you saw the software, how easy is this to view and modify?

    I also wanted to get some clarification on Onewheel costs from others. I did some quick numbers on the onewheel.
    Upfront costs would be $1800USD, which is not too bad.
    -For Franky or anyone at FM, if it breaks does the 1 year warranty free shipping include international buyers? I don't see future motion paying out $600 for two way shipping... So let's assume 1 fault in the first 2 years... Thats $600 in repairs.

    • I'm estimating 2000 miles a year, so that's two tire changes a year from what I've read on the forums (change every 1000 miles, is this accurate?), or another $2600 over 2 years.
      Basically, unless I can order spare parts for the onewheel and put them on myself, I would expect a single onewheel to cost around $5000USD over the first two years of ownership. That's hard to justify when I could spend $1000 to trick out a trotter (or build a flying nimbus from scratch and get double geek cred!).
      I would love a onewheel, just wish that it was closer to the US price, or at least self-serviceable.

    Anyway, my questions for everyone are:
    -Has anyone tried changing tires themselves? Shipping for tire changes is about half of the expense for international buyers (and would mean not having the board for 20-30% of the year)
    -Would FM ever consider having instructions for doing basic things like this and recalibrating the boards ourselves? I'm sure many internationals would be fine doing this and voiding their warranties.

  • Hey guys,
    Just FYI - I do have a 3 week old Onewheel I can send ya. - Technically if it is a birthday gift there is no customs charges. - So if you buy mine, ill ship it from USA and well, if it's a gift there is no customs costs.

    Just a thought. PM me if your interested. - Purchased directly from Onewheel April 4th. I think I got it by the 18th or something so just about 3 weeks ish.

  • @BURTON303 TEchnically you are right, but European customs are used to this trick and if they estimate that the "gift" is costing more than 45$, they apply VAT on it...based on the estimation price they will search for.

  • @Ray I think it might be best to email the OW team. Rest of us here can speculate, but that's not likely to help you.

  • @shaunabe
    Ah, sorry, I should have been less ambiguous with my message.
    Where I mention FM in a question that question is intended for them rather than owners.
    For the other questions (tire changing/trotter range etc...). I'm just looking for anyone who has tried.

  • @Simon @awakekiwi
    For any Australian or New Zealand potential onewheelers. The deal for buying a Onewheel just got significantly better.
    As of 2 days ago the overall cost for 2 years went from $5000USD to a bit over $2000USD

    Wildearth in Brisbane distributes the Onewheel. I was lucky enough to get the last one on sale for $1950AUD (about $1460USD) shipping included.

    Now that the sale has ended you can order them for just under $2400AUD ($1800USD) (sign up to newsletter for a 5% discount)

    The main benefit of this deal is that with Australian consumer law you can return a Onewheel with a major fault directly to the retailer. So the 1 year warranty is useable for any major fault without paying $600 for shipping. I would assume that the chance of a fault in the second year would be pretty low if you got through the first year (i.e. you don't have a lemon)

    Now that @njcustom has released his tire change tutorial (thankyou!!!)
    the four tire changes come to $200, instead of $2600.

    So, my plan is to wait until the warranty expires, then get some spare parts and do my own tire changes and repairs as needed.

    I hope this news encourages more people to buy the Onewheel down under!

  • Awesome news! I'm so freaking keen on this thing I have a 'savings jam jar'! We need more dealers in Australia. Better brush up on my States' regulations for using the OW. Even council regulations may prevent me using it on foot paths in my area.

  • @OzzieWheeler

    Where in Oz are you?

  • @DavidJohn
    I'm in Perth....I know, could I get anymore remote:) I visit Melboure a fair bit though, so if a dealer popped up in Melb, I'd be on it.

  • I'm 15 miles from Melbourne, and have a BRAND NEW one for sale for $1375 US. Perhaps though I should mention that that is Melbourne, Florida, USA... :) Sorry, I couldn't resist.

  • @Count
    Hahaha! You dog you! You had me for a minute there.

  • @OzzieWheeler said in Unaffordable from down under:

    I'm in Perth....I know, could I get anymore remote:) I visit Melboure a fair bit though, so if a dealer popped up in Melb, I'd be on it.

    I'm in Melbourne (Oz) so if you make it over here one day you're welcome to check mine out..

  • @DavidJohn cheers Dave. I may just take you up on the offer

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