Fits in my DeLorean!

  • Before I bought mine, I had a million questions like everyone here. Sitting on the buy-it-now page, $1500 in hand , the one question that REALLY stuck out was "...but will it fit in my DeLorean? " the age old question. I pondered exactly the same thing.

    I've found it fits in two different area of the car. If you're by yourself, It fits great, almost perfectly in the front footwell:

    DeLorean OneWheel Interior.jpg

    OneWheel DeLorean Outside.jpg

    Out with a friend? You can easily store it on the rear cargo shelf.

    OneWheel DeLorean Cargo Shelf.jpg

    So many of you have answered my questions, I wanted to make sure I could answer yours. Everyone can rest assured that your DeLorean has plenty of room to take your board anywhere.

  • Like a glove!

  • Holy crap! You have a Delorean? That is awesome!

  • Dang..that DeLorean makes a sweet accessory for your Onewheel. A bit pricey for an accessory but it looks like it belongs with your Onewheel! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Never mind OW fitting, somebody has stolen your flux capacitor, great scott

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